Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodbye Restaurant CRU

One of our favorite restaurants here just recently announced its closing. The owners decided to convert the place to a more casual pub/bar. Last Friday, we went with a few friends for a one final celebration.

If you've been reading my tweets, I'm sure you've already seen my countless twitpics on the wonderful food courses we've had at this restaurant. Here's my photo tribute to honor and remember the many times my taste buds have been thoroughly pleased and teased dining at this wonderful place.

CRU will be missed.

Restaurant CRU
Restaurant CRU
CRU - goodbyeRestaurant CRU

For our final toast, the restaurant manager/sommelier opened a very special bottle of wine and toasted with us. We were told there were only 4 bottles of these in the entire country and they were all in this restaurant!

Restaurant CRU

And here's what I wore.
I debuted the Zara dress I got from London and the Stuart Weitzman python wedges that cost me an arm and a leg. :P

Zara Halter Dress 1
-- Zara halter dress -- black Gap cardi -- black belt from Manila --
-- Target earrings -- Stuart Weitzman python wedges --

Zara Halter Dress 3
Zara Halter Dress 4


  1. That´s too bad that it´s closing down. I also feel sad when my fave restaurant/store closes.

    On a lighter note, 10$ for a fantastic pair of shoes! Whoa, G! You´re super duper lucky!

    I like that vertical prints on your Zara dress, halter ba yan? I think your house is furnished na, ours is still plain. hahaha!

    Happy weekend! :)

  2. Oh! That's so sad! Love the dress!

  3. awww too bad the restaurant is closing...looking at the food makes me want to go and eat out...

    I love the look hawt!!!!

    super lovely,
    Take Care

  4. We definitely had some great meals and memories at CRU. Tonight was the first night of Bricks American Pub and they had a few of our favorites still on the menu and the wine list even grew!

  5. I always hate that when a favorite restaurant goes under--that happened to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in NYC. Oddly enough, we saw one of our waiters from that place on the street and asked him where he went--and then we discovered a new favorite restaurant!

    It seems like you are going the food route these days :) I'm taking a bit of a fashion hiatus but we shall see how long that lasts. Thanks for your bag comment--yes, I really love it. It was truly an investment piece but I know I'll love it for years to come. (That's how I justify the cost!) Hope all is well. Have you seen Kat recently?

  6. Oh no. I always love seeing your twitpics. I've never eaten there and I'm sad they're closing.

    By the way, you look GORGEOUS!

  7. Yum! Unfortunate about the closing, but perhaps the new place will have a different but cool character as well!

  8. Really beautiful! Your Gorg!!

    Lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  9. The food looks delicious, and you look gorgeous, as always. Your home is lovely, from what I can see in the background!

  10. That's a shame the restaurant is closing down as they seem to make some very delicious looking food.

    I really like the closeup photo of you taking a picture. hmmm, so you use Nikon? it really does very good pictures. I am still deciding whether i want Nikon or a Canon (tough choice hey?)

    p.s i laughed about the sheer/blush confusion!

  11. Such a shame they're closing down... the food looks absolutely divine! But such a nice gesture to treat you to that bottle of that wine!

    Fab dress by the way! I love the pleat-like print!

  12. @Che - yes, the Zara dress is a halter. =)

  13. @Thumbelina - yes, my interest lately has been of food. Even contemplated once of changing this blog altogether to be just a food blog. ;)

    I have not heard of Kat yet for weeks now! I miss her and hope she'd be back in town soon.

  14. @Ryan - we hope to try Bricks soon too! =)

  15. Thank you all for the lovely comments! =)



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