Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mission Statement

Every morning, when I walk in my closet, I don't just ask myself what I'm wearing for the day.  
Instead, I ask myself, "What is my mission statement today?"  

My mind would then go into an overdrive and deliberate with 
my alter ego, inner diva and hidden goddess.   
(I would videotape their conversations sometime, it's a riot just to hear them talk.) 

As soon as  they are I am  successful in picking the day's outfit, 
I break into a song or sway my hips in a vicious samba or 
gallop like a victorious gazelle in graceful swiftness.  
Today, it was all of the above.

And so without further ado, today's mission statement is:  
"To honor spring in this flowery top and flowery shoes... and world peace."  

 Zac Posen skirt - Lela Rose x Target - Chanel Heels 
Zac Posen skirt - Lela Rose x Target - Chanel Heels2 
 chanel camellia slingbacks
                                                                     TOP: Lela Rose by Neiman Marcus for Target
                                                                     SKIRTZac Posen basic black pencil skirt.  Worn shorter here.
                                                                     ACCESSORIESASOS ribbon belt
                                                                     SHOESChanel camellia slingbacks in cream
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Shopaholic Lives!

Finally, my cognitive and psychomotor skills along with my sense of taste, smell and reason
have been restored and reconnected with the rest of my body. 

Let me tell you it was one nasty cold!   
I thought my face would break open everytime I sneezed or coughed.   
The headache was so unbearable I told the hubz to find himself a 
good woman who can cook when I die.
But I dreaded the thought of having my epitaph read, 
"I. Grace.  Fashionista.  Genius Shopper.  Succumbed to Common Cold." 
 And so I summoned all the energy in the universe for me to get better. 

In other words, I took 1/2 a bottle of Tylenol, overdosed on vitamin C, 
drank ginger tea like it was the best tasting concoction in the world,
slept like a baby every night for 10 hours and after 5 days, 
the fever was gone, the cough has subsided and I was 
frantically clicking the checkout button of every single spring sale I could find in the interwebs! 

This shopaholic lives!  She lives!!

see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps4
see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps2
see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps3
see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps5
see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps1

                                                                     TOP: Express candy cane sweater  
                                                                     SKIRTSee by Chloe satin skirt in mocca 
                                                                     ACCESSORESChanel 5171 bow sunglasses, chain belt, ring.  
                                                                     BAGChloe Marcie in brown suede
                                                                     SHOESPrada nude pumps

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shopping IQ

I don't get why mental IQ matters in the workplace.
Knowing the value of Pi to it's 300th place has nothing to 
do with one's performance.
Nor is being able to solve Algebraic problems with 4 equations and an
unknown number of unknowns.  

Shopping IQ on the other hand always comes in handy in the workplace and beyond.
Knowing the value of quality in shopping and the perseverance and resourcefulness it
takes to pursue such quality are always deemed as desirable traits. 
Applying such traits to work would then translate into better performance appraisals,
effective resource management,  happy bosses and eventually,
corporate profits.

Oh writing this is so therapeutic, I could almost hear my shopping IQ
jump a few notches up!

Excuse me as I start a petition to convince corporate America
to hire employees based on  their shopping IQ!
    I'd be an instant CEO when that happens. 
Or Chairman of the Board because... at least let's be realistic here.

7fam jeans - manolo blahnik heels 

manolo blahnik heels 
                                                                     TOP: golden glittery top from Saks Off Fifth 
                                                                     BLAZERAnne Klein peplum blazer in mocca
                                                                     PANTS:  7 for all Mankind        
                                                                     SHESManolo Blahnik pumps in snakeskin print

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Running for Office

Someday, when shopaholics rule the world, I will be the President!
And this would be my outfit for the first day of office!

This is vitaMinnstyle and I approve this message.

Marc New York LBD - Prada Orange Platforms Sandals1 RAR_2167  
                                                                     TOP: Romeo + Juliet couture floral top 
                                                                     DRESS:  Elie Tahari black sheath
                                                                     SHOES: Prada orange open toed sandals
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Health is Wealth

I feel like the theme of 2013 for me has been injury and sickness. 
After I recovered from a seemingly too long foot injury, now I have a bad case of the flu! 
And a stomach flu sporadically attacking here and there.


And the worse part is I have a few (ok, a LOT) of new outfits that I want to wear too.
But I just need to wait until I am completely well before I can rock them here! 

Marc New York LBD - Trina Turk Orange Top - Manolo Blanik Peep Toes2
 manolo blahnik peep toes
                                                                      TOP: Trina Turk orange wrap top
                                                                     DRESS:  Marc New York black sheath
                                                                     SHOES: Manolo Blahnik black peep toes
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Style for Me?

My friend spotted this Vince Camuto billowy peasant top and insisted I try it on.
I was a bit hesitant because it looked like a tent and tents belong in the safari and not in my closet. 

Boy was I wrong!  
I loved it the instant I tried it on. 
Sure it looks a bit matronly -- but in a glamorous kinda way. 
I didn't mind.

Me in a tent, who knew?!
Excuse me as I will now email her to hire as my personal shopper! 

1 Zac Posen black skirt - Vince Camuto Top - Alaia Slingbacks 1 Zac Posen black skirt - Vince Camuto Top - Alaia Slingbacks2 1 Zac Posen black skirt - Vince Camuto Top - Alaia Slingbacks3
                                                                     BLOUSE: Vince Camuto fur print billowy peasant top
                                                                     SKIRT:  Zac Posen black pencil skirt (folded at the waist)
                                                                     SHOES: Alaia black slingbacks

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez for Kohls (Part 14): New Year's Resolution

Mine officially ended, broken, stomped upon and severely beaten a few days ago. 

I have been good NOT shopping until my enablers friends 
bombarded me of photos of their shopping loot.  
An innocent trip to the mall with them just to 'browse' around turned into 
a major spending spree and before I knew it,
I'm back into my shopaholic self once again. 

"I want this jacket."
"I want it NOW." 
"..and I want them in ALL colors!"

Oh and let's not forget this fun sunglasses that's truly a work of art!

My shopaholic self just had a grand comeback. 
Please join me in welcoming her back!

Tahari LBD - Narciso Kohls Top - Gucci Peep Toes1   
Tahari LBD - Narciso Kohls Top - Gucci Peep Toes2
Tahari LBD - Narciso Kohls Top - Gucci Peep Toes3
                                                                     BLOUSE: Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's black peplum layering top.  Other ways to wear here.
                                                                     DRESS:  Elie Tahari sheath dress gifted by my good friend Faye
                                                                     SHOES: Gucci black open toe heels
                                                                     ACCESSORIES: Mimi di N shell belt
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Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Going On 13

I am currently obsessing colored jeans lately and decided to wear my
newest pair as I went about with my normal day yesterday.
Walking hastily doing my errands, I heard someone say as I passed by,
'Mommy, I want colored jeans just like that!!' 
(I'm pretty sure I heard some feet stomping too so I turned around and looked.)

Shocked! My newest fashion fan  could not have been older than 10!!

I calmed down and asked myself:
 Do I dress too young for my age?
 Have I just become a fashion role model to tweeners?

I'm like, sooooo, like, really want to believe the latter so I smiled my
biggest 13-yr old smile and I was like,
'Oh hi there my little bff, would you like to share my pink cotton candy? L-Oh-L'

The mom just gave me a dry smile and off they went.

I didn't take it personally but just thought to myself:
Oh you guys just wait 'til I wear the
cuter-than-an-Easter-egg-yellow version of this jeans!
For sure, I will have 5-yr olds lining up for my autograph in no time!

7fam jeans - red valentino boots - mulberry alexa bag 2

                                                                     TShirt:  Karl Lagerfeld Key to Cure  (worn backwards)
                                                                     JACKET: Tweed jacket from Nordie's Rack 
                                                                     BOOTS:  RED Valentino
                                                                     BAG: Mulberry Alexa in dusty pink
                                                                     JEANS: 7 for all Mankind skinny jeans
                                                                     ACCESSORIES: Prada baroque sunglasses
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