Friday, July 13, 2012

Escada LBD

A girl gets VERY lucky sometimes and finds a perfectly fitting LBD that flatters in all the right places and hugs every curve ever so perfectly. 
Oh and did I mention I found it on a clearance rack and got it for an extra 50% off? 
Yes, SCORE!  Major SCORE!!

I'll be sure to blog about this dress more. 
Right now I'm still in all oohs and ahhs on its lovely neckline and sheer back.   

And if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, check out Fashion Avenue in Edina and Wayzata.  
The place surely did not disappoint!! 

-- Escada LBD   -- Christian Louboutin red New Simple pumps --

(Above pic from the uber fun Pose app!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer BBQ Party Musings

My good friend Faye had a wonderful realization she shared with us yesterday:  
She said staying happy could prevent life-threatening illnesses.
Shopping makes me happy.  Therefore, I must shop more if I want to stay healthy.

Another good friend, Trix, had some very wise musing about her preference on spending on travels rather than an Hermes.
Without much thought, I said i would like to travel to get my Hermes.
It made me sound doubly unwise -- for wanting an Hermes and worse, for traveling just to get it.
It did however make them laugh so at least I contributed to their happiness that could possibly prevent life-threatening illness.  

Meanwhile, my doppelganger of a good friend slash twin Ann (who's been recently "activated") is now
a walking and talking treasure trove of fashion knowledge she could be an editor for wiki fashion dot com!
She claims she's not in the Hermes stage yet (though she's been shamelessly lurking around Hermes forums as of late).
Hermes or not, one thing's for sure -- she sounds giddy and happy at the mere mention of Givenchy nightingale or Balenciaga city.
 So who am I to make an intervention to her happiness that could probably prevent a life-threatening illness?!

I love my friends to bits!   I can laugh with them for days on end.
I can talk  with them about anything and everything from life & marriage to purses & shoes.
Recently, it's mostly been the latter two. And I'm not complaining one bit.
I'll do anything for happiness and to prevent a life-threatening illness!!
And to my great delight, such happiness involves Marcies and Saffianos and Alexas once in a while!

ann's party-03 (3) ann's party-03 (2) ann's party-03 (1)     ann's party-02    

-- Marc by Marc Jacobs green pleated top  -- Mimi di N ribbon belt --
-- Stuart Weitzman wedges -- Mulberry Alexa in plaster pink -- Chanel logo necklace  --


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