Thursday, September 24, 2009

CMV Take 3

Yes or No: If a skirt can be a halter top, can a halter top be also a scarf?

cmv skirt - scarf1

Answer: YES!!!

cmv skirt - scarf
-- skirt: Carmen Marc Valvo (worn as a scarf) -- cami: Anne Klein ---belt: Banana Republic --
-- patent pumps: Chanel --

I'm really getting my money's worth on this skirt that doubles as a top, triples as scarf!!

carmen marc valvo skirt3spill the wine-2cmv skirt - scarf-1

* * *

My week has been great so far! Heaven smiled on me this week, it seems (prayers do work!)
Workwise, blogwise and tenniswise, it's really been great!

Got a new lovely award from the super funny, witty and classy,
Ela of Extra Dressing on the Side...

Thanks Ela!
Head over to Ela's witty blog and I guarantee you you'll be laughing your heart out with each of her posts!

...And on the tennis front, I couldn't be any happier!
If you remember, I was at the very bottom when we started our league a few weeks ago (nerves), inched a bit higher last week to no. 8 (persistence), and this week, I'm now no. 5 (luck). It really has nothing to do my skills though. It just helps a bit when some of the good players are a no-show, haha!

But hey, if I end up as no. 1 just for showing up week after week after week (dedication), heck I'll take it!

Copy of Sets in the City - Week5-2

Hope everyone's having a great week too!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Kid Again for a Day...

kid's party1
-- shirt: Lauren RL --- bubble skirt: Guess -- bow: Gap --
-- belt:
Calvin Klein -- boots: Nine West--

O ur friend's baby girl turned 1 and since most of her guests are adults, her parents asked us to dress as kids. I wanted to dress as Sailor Moon at first but realized it requires so much effort. So, I just stared at my closet and asked myself, what would Patty Ann do?!

I came up with this school girl outfit and even managed to convince a good friend to dress the same outfit! We looked like private school twins!

Together with the hubz who was dressed in denim overalls, we were nominated for best costume. However, another couple friend who came in a custom-made Hansel & Gretel outfit (complete with a basket and bread!) won. They were so cute together and I wish I could post their picture here but forgot to ask!

We had so much fun! I think I'm having a lot more fun now as an adult dressing (acting) like a kid than when I was a kid impatiently waiting to become an adult! I was also too preoccupied with grades and after-school activities when I was a kid and really didn't have much time just to be a kid. And so now, I'm making up for all of it!!

kid's party2

kid's party3

kid's party

* * *

On a totally unrelated note, I think I have been lagging behind on my food posts and would like to make up for it as well. Here's some of the restos here that we've been to the past few weekends. I wish to document it before it starts to get cold again and we would no longer be able to eat out as much. I usually cook at home in winter because I find it to be such an effort to spend half an hour getting dressed in 5 layers just to go out and eat.

Totally craving for their salmon over baked truffle macaroni!

* * *

09-13 Nez and Sha
At Cafe Latte in St. Paul. Raspberry cheesecake and turtle cake, anyone?

* * *

Sunday brunch at Chez Daniel

* * *

The super sweet Martina of The Little Fashion Treasury gave me this J'adore tien Blog award!

Thank you Martina! This is such a nice way to start my week!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Style Profile #1 - Sacred Accessories!!!

sacred accessories

I got this tufted ivory scarf from Sacred Accessories and I can't be any more pleased! It's very soft to the touch and love the grape trim, makes me want to go wine tasting wearing it!

Once the weather here dips a few dozen degrees lower, this will become a staple around my neck for some stylish warmth. It's also long and wide enough that it can be worn as a wrap as well.

Please go browse Sacred Accessories and add some trendy, fun and fabulous pieces to accessorize your outfit! Don't forget to enter "vitaMinn" at checkout to receive 20% off!! And this code is valid for 3 months so we all could use it even after their current promotion is over!!

...I'm already eyeing this Linea Pelle bracelet featured in Seventeen and the Azaara ring featured in InStyle.

linea pelleazaara

Here's me having fun with my new scarf!!

sacred accessories1

sacred accessories3
-- ruffle cami: Diane von Furstenberg --- cropped jeans: J Brand -- patent pumps: Chanel --
-- belt:
Banana Republic-- watch: Fendi--

sacred accessories4

Tomorrow's week #4 of our tennis league and I'm teaming up with the dear hubz! I'm no longer the dead last in rankings (currently ranked 8 of 12, wahoo!!) but won't hurt to go up a few more notches higher!

I have a feeling this award from Thumbelina will be my lucky charm!
Thanks Thumbelina!!

Have a happy midweek everyone!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shadows, X's and Y's

dvf pink1
-- top: Diane von Furstenberg --- pants: Armani Collezioni -- sunnies: Dior -- shoes: Chanel -- watch: Fendi--

Overheard somewhere in Minneapolis.

"Are those pants new?"

Silence for three seconds and gazing up at the ceiling to search for an answer then faintly uttered, "No..."

"Are they expensive?"

Silence for three seconds and again gazing up at the ceiling and even more faintly uttered, "No..."

Conscience kicking in, commandment #9 nagging.

"Not much. It's only $XXX.xx".

Information withheld. It was really $YYY.yy where Y>X.


"They're Armani, hello!"

"I wouldn't have known..."

***Characters are fictional. Any resemblance to your marital conversations or mine is purely coincidental***
Wink, wink. Funny thing, the top was new and he didn't notice, haha!

* * *

dvf pink2

* * *

dvf pink3

* * *

dvf pink

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Simple Life

-- top: Yaya Aflalo --- necklace: Rochas vintage -- belt: Michael Kors -- shorts: Banana Republic --
-- wedges: Banana Republic --

The days spent in Kansas visiting my in-laws was such a relaxing retreat for us. The small-town feel was a welcoming break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Their house backs out to a golf course and the hubz' room on the 2nd floor gets a nice view of the fairway. On a foggy morning, it's quite an eerie sight to see seemingly headless golfers giddily putting their way into the 3rd hole. And when the fog clears up, it's green as far as the eye could see and I can't help but exclaim, "We're in Kansas now, Dorothy!". (I know, I know, that's not how it goes, but it kinda rhymes... =)

* * *

In the afternoon, sitting under Mom's pergola (and posing for pictures, what else?), we'd hear cicadas showing off their acoustic talent. They're nature's little buzzing orchestra.

* * *

For sustenance, we had our daily indulgence of mega-caloric food extravaganza inhaled in gastronomic proportions! Be it Chinese, Mexican or American cuisine, a sit down meal for 4 people here won't set you back more than $60!

* * *

It's all too perfect but just 2 key things missing: In this part of KS, there's no Saks or Neiman in sight! Not within a 100-mile radius, at least!
Big, big problem!

* * *

And speaking of Neiman, I spotted this top which did not look too appealing at first. But at 90% off (Last Call) from its original price of $295, I picked it up anyway. I first wore it here and realized that it can be worn many different ways based on how you button, clasp, twist and tie it! It's so versatile I could probably even wear it as a hair extension someday when I decide to cut my hair short, who knows!

* * *

Now would I rather be a golf-playing-dollar-store-
shopping small town girl or a fashion-blogging-designer-shopping city girl?
If only I could ask the great Wizard of Oz...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend in the Sunflower State

-- dress: Johnny Was --- necklaces: Rochas vintage & Michael Kors chain belt --
-- wedges
: Banana Republic --

For the long weekend, we followed I-35 for 400 miles south and after 7 hours of driving, we were back to where it all started for us, in Kansas!

The in-laws treated us to lots of love and lots of food over our 3-day stay! I swore I gained weight just by staring at all the food! We felt so pampered and didn't want to leave anymore. The long weekend was certainly not long enough.

* * *

I really wanted a maxi dress but for some reason, every dress I try on fits oddly...

* * *

Found this at Neiman. Not exactly a maxi dress but it'll have to do.

* * *

It's very soft and flowy and seriously discounted, so I'm all happy!

* * *

For a small town in Kansas, my layers of accessories is probably a bit much. A lot of folks were staring at me like I just I stole Dorothy's slippers!

* * *


Hope everyone had a great long weekend!
Can't wait to visit all your blogs tomorrow and resume on regular programming of work, blog and shopping!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sets in the City '09

Sets in the City 2

I learned that the wrist action derived from blog-stalking all of you does NOT improve my tennis skills in any way whatsoever. I don't get it. The hours upon hours of mouse clicking should at least help with the wrist pronation in serves and rallies!

Another thing I don't get is that in the many years I've played tennis, I have not gotten any award ever. None. Nada. Nill. Zilch. While I've only been blogging for just 2 months now and already I got this one award from the fabulous Sofie of ModeDiktat.

Align Center

Sofie, I promise to work on this very soon and so sorry for picking this up weeks late. I thought I would have come up with a list by now but I need more inspiration, and thus more blog-stalking!

* * *

Sets in the City 3
Too bad there's no award for showing up with the best tennis outfit or I would have won that, NO DOUBT! Oh heck, win or lose, I know my outfit is a WINNER, bwahaha!
Sorry, humility is a virtue my fingertips has yet to learn. Trust me, I tried to stop them from typing those words but they're just unstoppable and simply won't listen to me.
Bad fingers! Bad fingers! .

* * *

photo credit: flickr - chance98
Wearing the same dress that Maria Sharapova wore in the "I Am Pretty" Nike commercial for US Open '06. The annoying Sharapova screech do not come with the dress, thank goodness!

* * *

The good thing is, the hubz was ranked #1 this week. And I therefore invoke on Section 10.08.02 of the Marriage Manual which instructs that tennis rankings must be shared between couples. Afterall, how good is this vow we once took: "For loves or for aces, in singles and in teams, til double faults do us part".

* * *

If you don't hear from me for days, it means I'm desperately trying to improve my miserable tennis ranking OR I'm glued on TV watching the US Open OR I'm attending Luau parties. Luau?! Where the heck did that come from?!

* * *

Sets in the City 1
OK, serious now. Someday, when (take note of the usage of “when” NOT “if)
fate requires of me to get up on a stage to collect a trophy and say a little speech, I will do so wearing this Diane von Fursternberg wrap vest worn over the Nike dress. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Here's to BIG dreams, fabulous outfits and bottom-most tennis ranking!

Happy mid week everyone!


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