Thursday, September 24, 2009

CMV Take 3

Yes or No: If a skirt can be a halter top, can a halter top be also a scarf?

cmv skirt - scarf1

Answer: YES!!!

cmv skirt - scarf
-- skirt: Carmen Marc Valvo (worn as a scarf) -- cami: Anne Klein ---belt: Banana Republic --
-- patent pumps: Chanel --

I'm really getting my money's worth on this skirt that doubles as a top, triples as scarf!!

carmen marc valvo skirt3spill the wine-2cmv skirt - scarf-1

* * *

My week has been great so far! Heaven smiled on me this week, it seems (prayers do work!)
Workwise, blogwise and tenniswise, it's really been great!

Got a new lovely award from the super funny, witty and classy,
Ela of Extra Dressing on the Side...

Thanks Ela!
Head over to Ela's witty blog and I guarantee you you'll be laughing your heart out with each of her posts!

...And on the tennis front, I couldn't be any happier!
If you remember, I was at the very bottom when we started our league a few weeks ago (nerves), inched a bit higher last week to no. 8 (persistence), and this week, I'm now no. 5 (luck). It really has nothing to do my skills though. It just helps a bit when some of the good players are a no-show, haha!

But hey, if I end up as no. 1 just for showing up week after week after week (dedication), heck I'll take it!

Copy of Sets in the City - Week5-2

Hope everyone's having a great week too!


  1. I can't believe how perfect that looks! Very creative.

  2. Nice one, lady :) You are very creative indeed!

  3. Oh my, it looks so great as a scarf! You're a genius, I have to try out something like that one day:)

    Adding you to my reading list!!

  4. ahaha that is so awesome, way to really make the most of your wardrobe! im so going to try this... ;)

    cute top anyways!



    Your posts are so funny, sweet and special, Grace! They always put a smile on my face!!

    Congratulations for being #5 on your champions list ;) I already see the new headline at the end of the year:

    Grace secured a record-breaking 1. grand slam, putting her ahead of her husband, who was present on Centre Court to watch Grace´s 7-6, 3 -6, 6-4 victory.

    Your skirt, top & scarf is such a versatile showstopper!!!!
    Your black/ silver belt looks stunning with the scarf-version and your black tee and dark hair!!!


  6. hahahaah!

    that's amazing. wow! and the print is nice too.
    great idea.

  7. YEAH YEAH! :-) Great idea! :-)


  8. Darling- I left you an award on my blog. You're so creative! xx

  9. You're so creative! That's the nicest thing about light ruffle skirts,they're so versatile to wear and to re-mix.You're making the most of the cost per wear value of the skirt.;)

    By the way, I gave you an award. Please try to visit me soon at:

  10. And conratulations on your new tennis rank too. Way to go, Grace! :)

  11. No. 5, yay!!!

    Thank you for the super sweet shout out, hon!

    And seriously, you are awesome, before I know it you'll be tying pant legs around your neck and making it look chic!

  12. hahahaha i was like i totally recognize that skirt turned halter top!!! this makes such an awesome scarf, its really pouffy just like your pretty grape one!! AHH i love pouffy anything and huge scarves :) you are supppppppppper creative!!! awww i wish i could meet you big sis!! alsooooooooo you're doing really well in the tourney! blahhhh none of my friends in LA play tennis so I havent played in a while...but just met some new friends so hopefully i won't miss the ball completely next week when we all meet up! arghhhhhhhh need to go practice!!! AND get a new tennis outfit for motivational purposes :)

  13. it works so well as a scarf! very innovative

  14. Hey Grace,

    Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear you and your husband are doing so well in the tennis tournament. Continue to enjoy yourself and have fun at there. I hope you guys go all the way!!!

    I love the simplicity in your outfit. I love wearing black tanks with jeans and pumps. And the scarf/top/skirt looks great on you. It's amazing that you can wear it as a scarf as well. It's great cause it's black and white so it goes with pretty much anything and everything. You're so creative with your pieces, Grace and that's why I enjoy reading your blog. You make fashion fun.

    To answer a few of your questions: I shoot with a Nikon D60 and a 55-200 mm VR Lens. I also use a filter and a hood so that's why my pictures turn out really clear and rich in colours. I haven't heard people use the word "ta" yet. It must be a Melbourne thing. I've met one guy from there and he's really hard to understand. Gold Coast people aren't so bad. I haven't tried vegemite yet but I have come close. I think I will just for the sake of saying that I tried it, but most foreign people don't really like it so I will have to prepare myself when I do try it. And I've seen some Tim Tam cookies but haven't tried any yet. I will though, just for you, Grace. I think I might bring some home to the family as well cause I'm expecting it to be good :)

    And thank you for the sweet comment about my seaworld pictures and outfits. I always enjoy reading your comments, Grace. Thank you for supporting my blog by reading it and leaving comments. It means the world to me.

    I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy what's left of summer and have some fun.


  15. Most def yes! That looks awesome. : )

  16. beloved gracey! you know i super love your switcheroo ideas, right? like this is so brilliant. i never would have thought that a skirt can be THAT versatile! its total fabulousness.

    and yes, go go go for sewing lessons love! though i don't know, id say go for patternmaking lessons (cuz ive always thought its easy to pick up sewing right away), but i think they're in the module!

    i can't wait to see you start sewing.:)


  17. Mmmh Because a stylish piece can have versatile faces that THE "fashionista" 's creativity naturally knows How to emphasize (AND on such a Radiant way with you) !!!
    ps: Thanks INFINITELY for your so Delicious comment (which Frankly made blushed a shy "self-proclaimed aesthete")!!! Mmmh I especially like your "Dominatrix realm" 's sulfurous mention, its so steamy power of evocation ("Sounds of a Dizzy High-Heeled Mistress' -Allegorical or not- Whip/ Scorching Beads of sweat") . . .
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  18. I love your blog. you look really cute. i have just followed!
    Tomorrow x

  19. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic way to work with that skirt! It looks fabulous all three ways... I really must get a flouncy skirt to wear as a halter top and scarf now!

  20. Wow. I'm so impressed! That is such an incredibly versatile skirt. And I might even like it best as a scarf :)

  21. You are so creative! Lately I can't think. Too busy, I guess :) You look fab in that skirt/top/scarf!

    P.S. I want you to come to my home and teach me how to rewear my clothes.

  22. omgoodness! how did you do that? you're amazing. to make that skirt as a scarf as well! wow! x

  23. WOW....i could have never guessed it was a skirt if you hadn't mentioned it in your post. Congrats on scoring such a versatile piece!

  24. It's a great idea! Im gonna try it too! kisses!

  25. Haha, it cracks me up that you've found so many ways to use this skirt. Awesome!

  26. that is so cool, I'm totally loving how versatile that piece is! Ingenious! You look gorgeous lady! I'm glad things are going well for you, hope this week is fantastic!

  27. Love how versatile the skirt/top/scarf is! How creative of you :) The black and white print and silky material are so perfect for all three uses!

  28. hi grace! how are you?

    this skirt may probably be your tennis lucky charm!!! definitely a keeper!

  29. You look HOT. And I can't believe you used it as three separate pieces!!! That is pretty good... :)

  30. haha you're awesome! why not, right?!?

    by the way, i'm totally with you on the chanel comfort issue. what's up with that? for shoes that expensive, my feet hurt after about 15 minutes. you're definitely not paying for comfort, that's for sure!

  31. Hello Miss "Leo" Grace ;)

    Ahhh, that´s what you call an ebay dilemma!
    I keep my fingers cross for your next auction watch!!!!

    Wishing you a joyful day!!!

  32. hi grace!
    i do that too!
    you're absolutely a fashionista.
    you know how to be resourceful.
    nice outfit, grace!

  33. hey grace!!!!!!! where have you been!!!??? i miss you!!!

  34. hope you're having a lovely week miss vitaminnstyle!!! xxx



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