Friday, December 13, 2013

The Pursuit of 'Simple' Red Soles...

joie dress - jlo boucle - dvf satin tan - louboutin2

I have nothing against those who are born insanely rich but I'm one of those rare few who
is very much grateful I am not born as such and that I came from a solid middle class background.   

I fear that if I'm filthy rich by virtue of my family's estate, then I will no longer appreciate
the thrill of waiting for a sale just to score one nice purse.
Nor will have I the patience to save up for months over something I really want.

And mostly, I fear that my achievements would be not because of my own merit  but by mere birthright.

I'm perfectly happy where I am now and where I came from --
a normal average person... with unalienable rights of
Life, Liberty and the 'Simple' Pursuit of Red Soles.

 joie dress - jlo boucle - dvf satin tan - louboutin3

                                                                     TOP:  DVF satin tank; JLo for Kohls boucle blazer
                                                                     DRESS Joie tiered lace dress 
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Simply Vera, Vera Wang pearl necklace
                                                                     SHOES: Christian Louboutin 'Simple' black patent pumps

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little break from fashion...

...To talk about photography.  Because if something happens, it has to be captured. 

There is only one way to make a moment last forever in a material form. The moment has to be captured by a camera. Only then, it becomes a photograph. It has been my hubby's passion to be always behind the lens.  While I, being the vain one, always in front of it.

People’s interest in photography is just big and today, it does not matter if you are a professional photographer or just a gal who has an iPhone (got my awesome 5s recently and I am so loving it!), you will get to take pictures of everything you want, from the mundane and ordinary (Foodie pix and selfies? Guilty!) to the extraordinary --beautiful landscapes, somewhere in Africa, for National Geographic magazine (ahem, maybe someday!).

 All around the world, it can be observed as a huge social movement, which involves photography. Of course it is indisputable, that first of all photography is art, but then we get to see how businesses and history cannot be done well without the implication of this art. Today, we are the people, that are no longer believing a written story without photographs. It is simple: If there is no photo of it, it did NOT happen. 

The same goes for business purposes. When it comes to advertising, companies are willing to pay more for billboards and visuals than for audio commercials. People want to see things, because looking, gives you the best sight of what a thing, a service or anything else is. For example, for a New York advertising photographer, Times Square is the best place for his art to be. Daily, approximately a third of a million people passes through Times Square, they all watch the advertising spots and they all look at the photographs that are there. The famous intersection is always full of ads and billboards. Huge pictures of perfumes, pop stars and burgers cover buildings. Even if the writing is huge on these billboards, we rarely pay attention to what is written there, we look only at the image. 

 The photos are so personal. Even if it is just a selfie posted on Facebook, or  a whole wedding photography, it means a lot, to the person which is pictured in it. Photographs are actually moments, frozen in material form -- printed and framed for posterity. You would never know exactly how you were looking 10 years ago, if you do not have a picture of yourself at the time. That is why, people are so obsessed with taking pictures everywhere, at any time, in any circumstances. If something happens, it has to be captured.

  There are maybe millions of photographers in this world -- countless in every country, every city. Still, when it comes to get a professional photo shoot, people spend a lot of time in picking one photographer. Because we all want our pictures to be perfect, either we are just adults getting married, or companies advertising their products, the photographs we choose to have, mean a lot to us.

I'm so glad my choice is simple because I am married to one.  

To my darling Hon, thanks for being the power behind this blog.  The unseen force behind each of my posts....  

Disclosure:  Compensation was received for this post.   
However, all statements here are my honest and 100% my own opinion. 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sleepless in BKK

On my first few days here in Bangkok, I had the worst case of jetlag that
defied even the strongest sleep aid meds. 
Fortunately, as a fashionista, a panacea exists: online shopping in the wee hours
of the morning! 

Who knew it could work better than sleeping pills?

philip lim vest - kors pants - loubies red patent2 philip lim vest - kors pants - loubies red patent1 
                                                                     TOP: Phillip Lim x Target peplum vest with sparkle neckline!
                                                                     PANTS MICHAEL Michael Kors
                                                                     SHOES Christian Louboutin 'New Simple' red patent pumps

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On Repeat

Our Program Director asked me if I could extend my first trip in Thailand for 4 more weeks. 
I told him I'm ok with it, but just have one dilemma: 
I will have to repeat outfits.
 trina turk brocade - escada - ferragamo varina2 trina turk brocade - escada - ferragamo varina1
                                                                     TOP: Trina Turk brocade pop sleeve top with grossgrain bow
                                                                     SKIRT Escada Sport.
                                                                     SHOES Ferragamo Ribes


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez for Kohls (Part 18): A New Chapter

Sawatdee Ka! 

So I took a giant leap of faith, left my very cushy project in Central America for 
a new adventure in the Land of a  Thousand Smiles! 

My very first day at the client site was a rollercoaster of emotions, excitement and varying levels of expectations.   
To summarize, my first 30 minutes at the new office went like this...

Good: I was told I'll be presenting in a meeting.
Bad: The meeting is in 20 minutes. 
Worse:  There are at least 120 people in the meeting! 
Worst: All the hot shots are in attendance, front and center -- CEO, CIO, CFO, COO! 

Somehow, I must have pulled it off.  
At the end of my very impromptu presentation, the CEO said I made the system more
exciting than they think it is. 

I have my outfit to thank for it.  

cmv skirt - narciso peplum - loubies1 cmv skirt - narciso peplum - loubies2 cmv skirt - narciso peplum - loubies3 
                                                                     TOP:Narciso Rodriguez for Kohls peplum top
                                                                     PANTS:  Carmen Marc Valvo
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Simply Vera, Vera Wang necklace
                                                                     SHOES Christian Louboutin 'Simple' black patent pumps


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Night Out

In my 11 years of marriage, I can only count the number of times I went out clubbing and 
partying with the hubby:  Zero.
Partying and clubbing WITHOUT the hubby:  an even more resounding ZERO!

Last week was an exception.  And thus, deserves a placeholder on this blog. 
For the first time in the history of ever, the hubz let me go out dance the night away. 
Without him.   I thought it was the end of the world but I didn't dare question so off I went
wearing this outfit.  Well, with a different pair of shoes, but who cares. 

I went out and partied and danced til the wee hours of the morning -- and never felt so alive. 
I really need to drag the hubz to these fun nighttime soirees.   
He doesn't need to dance, 
he can just watch me dance. 

Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat3 Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat2 Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat1
                                                                     TOP: ASOS dress worn as a top
                                                                     PANTS:  7 for All Mankind
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat.
                                                                     SHOES Nine West OTK boots

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello World!

Quick post to let you all know I'm still alive!!
...That is, assuming you're wondering if I still am.  :)

rachel roy top - 7fam jeans - valentino espadrilles
rachel roy top - 7fam jeans - valentino espadrilles2
rachel roy top - 7fam jeans - valentino espadrilles3
                                                                     TOP: RACHEL Rachel Roy black top
                                                                     PANTS:  7 for All Mankind
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Chanel necklace.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat.
                                                                     SHOES Valentino espadrilles

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Afternoon Tea Party

I was so happy to finally got to host my very first afternoon tea party with friends!

For the tea set, I was immediately drawn in to the Royal Albert bone china collection. 
I just loved the floral patterns and dainty colors which evoked grace, elegance and romance. 
I bought pieces from the Old Country Roses collection (the best-selling dinnerware pattern in the world since 1962!), New Country Roses and Polka Rose

afternoon tea party4

For the tea selection, I highly recommend the following blends from Teavana

About 4 ounces of each should be good for 8 guests. 


As for the spread of savory and sweet treats, we prepared the following: 
  • chicken salad sandwhich 
  • pimiento cheese sandwich 
  • asparagus roll-ups 
  • flan
  • pound cake
  • white rice cake (our Asian twist to this otherwise very English affair) 
  • scones
  • madeleines 
  • creme fraiche 
  • lemon curd

afternoon tea party11

afternoon tea party 15

As for outfits, I borrowed my friends headpiece and dressed in head-to-toe pink to match my tea set. 
Shocking, I know!
My good friend Ann also wore a light pink number and debuted the latest 
in her vintage collection of Mimi di N  belt buckles. 

afternoon tea party1

My friends brought birthday cupcakes for me too!
afternoon tea party8

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Life Lately

L ife has really been very nice to me lately. 
Work travels has slowed down a bit, work itself has not been too busy, 
the weather has been great so far and I've been grilling steak almost every single day. 

I cannot complain one bit. 
Except to have more chance blogging. 
But then again, I'll have plenty of time for that once winter arrives again. 

Til then, I'll be wearing shorts, tending my vegetable garden and dining al fresco every chance I could! 

Wishing your summer is as lovely as the one I'm having!! 

rachel roy top - jlo skirt - louboutin pumps - chanel bag3 rachel roy top - jlo skirt - louboutin pumps - chanel bag2 rachel roy top - jlo skirt - louboutin pumps - chanel bag1 

                                                                     TOP: RACHEL Rachel Roy black top
                                                                     SHORTS:  Jlo boucle from JCP
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Christian Louboutin 'New Simple' red patent pumps.  Chanel necklace.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Summer, How I Love Thee!

It's a bit of a challenge to take outfit shots when I'd rather be riding my bike or 
jogging outside or watching an outdoor movie or all of the above!  

Pardon me for posting these old photos taken a while back as I enjoy the lovely 
summer we are having now.

Trench Dress (1) Trench Dress (2) Trench Dress (3) Trench Dress (4) 
                                                                    DRESS: Nanette Lepore red trench dress.   See winter styling here and here.
                                                                     ACCESSORIESChanel reversible logo necklace
                                                                     SHOESChanel burgundy patent pumps.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Days

Summer in Minnesota is so lovely it makes you easily forget about the long harsh winter.
The sight and smell of flowers in full bloom, 
the thick foliage in their greenest glory all make the last dump of snow 
from six weeks ago seem like a distant memory. 

During the brutally freezing winter months, we always vow to move elsewhere.
But when summer arrives, we always decide to stay.

stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag1 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag5 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag3 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag4 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag6

Wishing for a well-deserved loooooooong summer this season. 

stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag2 

                                                                     TOP: Stella & Jaime striped crop top from Neiman's Last Call.
                                                                     SHORTS:  old white shorts from Australia.
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Chanel purple sunglasses.
                                                                     PURSE ZSpoke Zac Posen Shirley crossbody bag.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Beloved Photographer

We were doing our usual gratuitous outfit shots and while he was waiting for me,
leaning against the car as I was reviewing the photos from his camera,
I asked  him to pose for me. 
He refused profusely but I did capture one shot as he was looking away and voila! 

hugo boss jacket
Our style and lifestyle has now evolved since the first time we've met 13 year ago. 
But our hearts remained the same. 
We're still as silly as we can ever be -- stealing kisses in public when we think no one's watching and saying 'I love you' in response to 'thank you. 
He still has that silly boyish grin reserved only for me and I still have the sweet girlish voice
reserved only for his silly grin. 
marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms1 - Copy marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms4 marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms3

                                                                     JUMPSUIT: Marchesa for JCPenney.
                                                                     BELT:  Michael Michael Kors
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Fendi sunglasses. Chanel ring.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat
                                                                     SHOES Prada Sport cement suede bow pumps.  Still available here

                                                                     Hubby is wearing a Hugo Boss jacket that I picked for him!!  


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