Thursday, August 15, 2013

Afternoon Tea Party

I was so happy to finally got to host my very first afternoon tea party with friends!

For the tea set, I was immediately drawn in to the Royal Albert bone china collection. 
I just loved the floral patterns and dainty colors which evoked grace, elegance and romance. 
I bought pieces from the Old Country Roses collection (the best-selling dinnerware pattern in the world since 1962!), New Country Roses and Polka Rose

afternoon tea party4

For the tea selection, I highly recommend the following blends from Teavana

About 4 ounces of each should be good for 8 guests. 


As for the spread of savory and sweet treats, we prepared the following: 
  • chicken salad sandwhich 
  • pimiento cheese sandwich 
  • asparagus roll-ups 
  • flan
  • pound cake
  • white rice cake (our Asian twist to this otherwise very English affair) 
  • scones
  • madeleines 
  • creme fraiche 
  • lemon curd

afternoon tea party11

afternoon tea party 15

As for outfits, I borrowed my friends headpiece and dressed in head-to-toe pink to match my tea set. 
Shocking, I know!
My good friend Ann also wore a light pink number and debuted the latest 
in her vintage collection of Mimi di N  belt buckles. 

afternoon tea party1

My friends brought birthday cupcakes for me too!
afternoon tea party8

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  1. G, it´s your birthday? Happy belated birthday to you! Sorry, I was out of the loop, just came back from Portugal. ;)



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