Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Skirt, Many Ways

There are some things that are just meant to be... just like this Max Mara black A-line skirt and me!

When I tried this on at Saks and checked the price tag, I swore I heard my wallet let out a tiny gasp. When I paid for it, I simply ignored the usually very practical side of me insisting that I should get a few index funds instead.

No, thanks. There's no amount of index fund that could ever hide my hips and match with the rest of my closet to come up with these outfit ideas!

A wee bit formal
max mara skirt2
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- ruffle top: Bass -- belt: from Manila --leopard peep toes: Beverly Feldman --

I don't usually get invited to presidential inaugural dinners so if I end up wearing this for jury duty, fine by me!

Safari meets jitterbug
max mara skirt1
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- scarf: vintage Chanel -- safari top: Banana Republic --
-- belt: Oscar de la Renta -- booties: Sam Edelman --

Hubz: Are we hosting a 50s party?
Me: No, I'm wearing this to work.
Hubz: Is your work hosting a 50s party?
Me: No.
Hubz: Is your work hosting a Safari party?
Me: No, this is NOT a costume!!! It's an outfit!!

Peace honey!

What to do with a bridesmaid dress
max mara skirt3
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- top: Bridesmaid dress -- shoes: Alaia --

If I can find new ways to wear all my bridesmaid dresses again, I'll be happy blogger. This is the second now! First one was here.

Skirt + Dress = Skress
max mara skirt4
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- dress: from Manila -- belt: Mimi di N --

I got a few stares when I wore a dress + skirt combo to work. I will probably even get more stares wearing this PLUS a wild animal around my waist! Thanks to Kat for convincing me to get one and thanks to Martina & Lynn for showing us how to stylishly make space in our closet for wild pets!

Managing Deals
max mara skirt5
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- angora top: Banana Republic -- vest: Forever 21 --
- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

This is probably a bit on casual side but I wore this to a client meeting this week aptly talking about a proposal on how they should be 'managing deals'.

Now excuse me as I load these outfits to my Closet app! Ever tried this app before? I instantly loved it after test driving it for a few minutes and immediately bought the full version. Although it does have a few limitations (you can't upload outfit sets, it does not track cost/wear, needs tagging function), closet organizing has never been this fun! Try it! It's the best $2.99 I've spent ever!

* * *

Special shoutout of a thousand thanks to Antoine of Florilege d'Esthete, for his kind words and for giving me a lovely award. I won't dare paraphrase what he said, so here it is. Who won't be ticklish with such words?! Thanks Antoine!

Wishing everyone a fun week ahead!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

VitaMinn SW for Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots with bold silvertone studs and grommeted buckle straps.


"Wow, those are badass boots", one of my co-workers said as I walked in late for a meeting.

I was so tempted to reply back, "Oh thanks!!!! I found these at Saks and I really liked them the first time I tried them on. But I thought it was too pricey so I passed at first. Then later that day, it was so difficult to concentrate with work coz they were all I could think of and so after office, I immediately went back and bought them! I'm so glad I did coz I really like them soooo much! It's got all the elements I wanted for in a boots this season: buckle, studs, platforms and it's over-the-knee! And you know even if this over-the-knee fad fades, I could still wear them by folding the top and revealing the rich, supple gray leather underneath!"

But then it was a formal meeting with 7 of us in the room so I just smiled and graciously said, "thank you."

Here's a few ways I styled them since I got them.

weitzman-over-the-knee (2)
-- skirt: Moschino C&C -- sweater: Banana Republic -- jacket: RL -- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

weitzman-over-the-knee (3)

-- sweater dress: XOXO -- belt: CK -- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

weitzman-over-the-knee (1)
-- top: Julie's Closet -- mini: Gap -- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

-weitzman-over-the-knee (4)
-- blazer: Theory -- tee: Debenhams -- skinny jeans: J Brand -- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

-- eyelet skirt worn as top: Christopher Kane for Topshop -- jacket: RL -- tights: F21 --
-- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

Not only did they pass the styling test but they also passed the comfy test. Even at 4 inches, I could wear these boots all day without an aching feet after. I even tried walking 10 blocks wearing them and was still alive after. And hey, if Fergie could rock, dance and jump around with these on, maybe I could even run a 5K wearing these studded, grommeted & buckled platform beauties, why not?!

photo credit:

Have a great week ahead!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Ole, Ole, Ole!!

Halloween is my favorite event of the year! I love it when I can dress up and be a totally different person for a day all in the name of fun! I love it when friends come up with the wackiest and silliest costumes that are the source of laughter and entertainment for hours and hours. I love it so much that as soon as it's over, I long for the next one. And usually, I can't wait til the following October for the next dress-up opportunity so we usually have mini themed parties all throughout the year!

From last year's, dressed up as a sorceress and a dragon fly lady....

From earlier this year, fashion feverish in a mini dress, platform boots and poufy 'do at our '70s disco party!

This year, for a mere $5, we were a Spanish señor & señorita!

The mantilla was just a lacy scarf I have already and the dress was bought from Melbourne long time ago. I hiked the slit a bit and pinned a rose to make it muy caliente! ;)

I wish this makes for a prelude to enjoying an authentic tapas,
sangria, jamon & paella.

Viva España!!


PS - the winner of the Paris Vogue/scarf giveaway is Ela of Extra D.O.T.S!
Special thanks to for making the winning pick so painless & easy. I was so ready to pick the winner the geekiest way: cut & paste the names to an Excel doc, generate a random number and invoke the mathematical mod function by a factor equal to the number of entries.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!!


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