Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Ole, Ole, Ole!!

Halloween is my favorite event of the year! I love it when I can dress up and be a totally different person for a day all in the name of fun! I love it when friends come up with the wackiest and silliest costumes that are the source of laughter and entertainment for hours and hours. I love it so much that as soon as it's over, I long for the next one. And usually, I can't wait til the following October for the next dress-up opportunity so we usually have mini themed parties all throughout the year!

From last year's, dressed up as a sorceress and a dragon fly lady....

From earlier this year, fashion feverish in a mini dress, platform boots and poufy 'do at our '70s disco party!

This year, for a mere $5, we were a Spanish señor & señorita!

The mantilla was just a lacy scarf I have already and the dress was bought from Melbourne long time ago. I hiked the slit a bit and pinned a rose to make it muy caliente! ;)

I wish this makes for a prelude to enjoying an authentic tapas,
sangria, jamon & paella.

Viva España!!


PS - the winner of the Paris Vogue/scarf giveaway is Ela of Extra D.O.T.S!
Special thanks to for making the winning pick so painless & easy. I was so ready to pick the winner the geekiest way: cut & paste the names to an Excel doc, generate a random number and invoke the mathematical mod function by a factor equal to the number of entries.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!!


  1. I adore you costumes - I wish I was that creative! The flower above the slit adds just the right touch :) One day we'll have to throw a themed party together - I love them too!

  2. Oh my gosh, so excited hon! Thank you!!! I will email you all my info. LOL, this is just too funny - um, can I be this lucky outside of the blog world please?

    Love the costumes and how creative you guys get - love that your hubs gets into it too. I think you make the prettiest dragonfly :)

  3. Viva Grace y ¡Hola preciosa!;)

    Happy tuesday mooorning.
    There it is! Your "senorita post"! So lovely you show also your previous customes! How fab is your husband in the 70s outfit ;)

    And you 2 are simply made for "senor" and "senorita", Grace!! I love especially the very last photo in black and white and just the red rose! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL SENORITA!! ... and your lace mantilla... makes it so perfect!!!

    Wishing you a fabulous tuesday... 4 days until "Kat-meeting" ;)
    Sending you lots of hugs!


  4. OOoooh AND It Truly would be such a Great Pleasure to be attacked by a "Halloween-esque Dragon Fly Lady" as You !!! "Arachnidan-like" tights + bustier shape/sexy bare shoulders + "Femme Fatalesque" long fingerless gloves + KILLing smile = Frankly What a sparkling/Sexy GLAMazon you are !!!
    ps: Hope you're Well Dear Grace.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. O lalala! Que caliente! :)Does this mean that you're visiting Spain next, G? ;)

    That Spanish costume reminds me of a modern day young woman in Andalucia getting dressed up for some fiesta while the dragonfly costume reminds me of Tinkerbell sans the wings. The white platform boots reminds me of the Spice Girls! :)

    So jealous that you guys get to celebrate Halloween there with lots of funfare, in here they just go to the cemetery and nada mas.

    Anyways, congrats to Ela and have a beautiful day ahead!

  6. Love the fact that you guys basically dress up all year round! What a fabulous idea! Your outfits are pretty amazing... that 70s disco look made me smile... haha. And I can't believe the Spanish one only cost you $5!

  7. Great costumes !
    The pictures look so cute :D

  8. Love all the costume photos.

    This year's idea was amazing. You both looked fabulous.

  9. awww...both of you and your husband look soo adorable!!! Love your dress!!!

  10. Loving the señor & señorita photos! You guys look super authentic.

  11. dressing up is so much fun!!! i really enjoyed when i dressed as a sexy cop last November. you look great! hope you have a fabulous week ahead! big hugs <3

  12. I am so craving tapas now!! You looked just gorgeous.

  13. awesome pics looks like lotsa fun xxxxxx

  14. loving all of the costumes! my favorite is the mod one. i am not into halloween, but i do love theme parties!

  15. You look gorgeous being a Spanish lady! I was not able to dress up on Halloween, maybe I will have a post halloween dress up lol. You seem to be having so much fun. Even your past costumes are so creative. I like that blue, black and white costume, so cute.

  16. awwww darling... you look great!!!!!! love that costume!!!!

  17. So cute! i love that you two dress up together =)

  18. Haha the costumes look fun! Viva Espana woohoo!
    Hope you had lots of fun :)

  19. Hi Grace,

    How are you? I've had a busy week at work and I'm just feeling beat after a long week. I'm happy it's the weekend so I can relax and respond to some blog comments. Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments, Grace and for taking the time to drop by. I always appreciate it.

    I'm happy to hear your husband like my comment. He really is an excellent photographer and I enjoy getting to view his work on your blog. And he shoots with a Nikon so I'm sure we'd have fun exchange notes and tips about photography.

    I really like your halloween costume. You look so pretty and elegant, Grace. This post really reveals a fun side of you. I think it's so cool that you and your husband dress up together as themed couples. And costume parties are a really great idea. A good way to have fun without having to wait until halloween. I also really like your fashion feverish outfit. Your boots are so retro and amazing!

    Anyways, I hope you've had a good week, Grace and enjoy your weekend as well. It's raining this weekend so I wonder if I'll get out at all. Time is running out so I'm trying to do as much as possible but work is also eating up a lot of my time :(


  20. Oooh- I love that Spanish senor and senorita costume! It's cute that you guys did a couples costume. This year, I spent Halloween in bed-- I was jetlagged and ill unfortunately! :(

  21. Hi Grace!

    I had to think about you and your last Paris trip.
    Found this Paris je t´aime bracelet :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  22. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii omg i'm soooooooo soooo lame for not visiting lately!!! been super busy i barely even posted last month. omgggggggggggg i LOVEEEEEEEEEE the spanish themed halloween!!! dressing up in pairs is the best!!! sooooooo cute i love when couples match outfits!!! you are one sexy senorita!!!!!

    im going to check out more posts and comment like a mad person!!! and $5?!?!??!! gorgeousssssss outfit!!!

  23. I love your Halloween spirit. Every year I want to dress up, but I never get around to it. You look great.



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