Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Skirt, Many Ways

There are some things that are just meant to be... just like this Max Mara black A-line skirt and me!

When I tried this on at Saks and checked the price tag, I swore I heard my wallet let out a tiny gasp. When I paid for it, I simply ignored the usually very practical side of me insisting that I should get a few index funds instead.

No, thanks. There's no amount of index fund that could ever hide my hips and match with the rest of my closet to come up with these outfit ideas!

A wee bit formal
max mara skirt2
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- ruffle top: Bass -- belt: from Manila --leopard peep toes: Beverly Feldman --

I don't usually get invited to presidential inaugural dinners so if I end up wearing this for jury duty, fine by me!

Safari meets jitterbug
max mara skirt1
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- scarf: vintage Chanel -- safari top: Banana Republic --
-- belt: Oscar de la Renta -- booties: Sam Edelman --

Hubz: Are we hosting a 50s party?
Me: No, I'm wearing this to work.
Hubz: Is your work hosting a 50s party?
Me: No.
Hubz: Is your work hosting a Safari party?
Me: No, this is NOT a costume!!! It's an outfit!!

Peace honey!

What to do with a bridesmaid dress
max mara skirt3
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- top: Bridesmaid dress -- shoes: Alaia --

If I can find new ways to wear all my bridesmaid dresses again, I'll be happy blogger. This is the second now! First one was here.

Skirt + Dress = Skress
max mara skirt4
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- dress: from Manila -- belt: Mimi di N --

I got a few stares when I wore a dress + skirt combo to work. I will probably even get more stares wearing this PLUS a wild animal around my waist! Thanks to Kat for convincing me to get one and thanks to Martina & Lynn for showing us how to stylishly make space in our closet for wild pets!

Managing Deals
max mara skirt5
-- skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- angora top: Banana Republic -- vest: Forever 21 --
- over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman --

This is probably a bit on casual side but I wore this to a client meeting this week aptly talking about a proposal on how they should be 'managing deals'.

Now excuse me as I load these outfits to my Closet app! Ever tried this app before? I instantly loved it after test driving it for a few minutes and immediately bought the full version. Although it does have a few limitations (you can't upload outfit sets, it does not track cost/wear, needs tagging function), closet organizing has never been this fun! Try it! It's the best $2.99 I've spent ever!

* * *

Special shoutout of a thousand thanks to Antoine of Florilege d'Esthete, for his kind words and for giving me a lovely award. I won't dare paraphrase what he said, so here it is. Who won't be ticklish with such words?! Thanks Antoine!

Wishing everyone a fun week ahead!


  1. Hellooo Grace!
    What a lovely surprise to see you did today a new post!
    KUDOS to your Max Mara post!!!

    Oh yes... Antoine is so right... you are for sure uber charming and with your smiling prestance you put always also a smile on my face Miss vitaministic Grace... no, I should say Miss Mimi belt model!

    Where can I start?;)
    You posted so many lovely looks: Your SW studded boots, your Mimi belt (va-va-voom... Kat was so right!).

    Wishing you a super-relaxing sunday, Grace! Here in Germany it´s already late in the evening, still too much rain ... ;)

    A big kiss and a big hug to youuuu!!!

  2. P.S.:


  3. Gorgeous. You are so very clever with the many ways you styled one skirt!!

    I need to play more with my wardrobe.

  4. Very nice versatile piece. I totally love the safari jacket and bridesmaid dress redone look!

    You are charming and always smiling and I'm sure brighten up the Minneapolis days!

  5. Skress? Now that's new. :) So loving your different looks especially the 50s look although, the jury duty and the bridesmaid outfit are also fantastic.

    So true,to get the most of your purchase you have to think about it's cost per wear value.:)

    Wish I could think like you but since I'm unimaginative most of the time, I just pull out what's on top of my closet and wear it until it shrinks from too much washing. hahaha!

    Have a nice week ahead, G!

  6. hi grace! wow, that skirt is truly versatile! ive been looking for a great black full skirt and this one is perfect.
    the chanel vintage scarf is just too gorgeous!!
    i would check that iphone app... although im one of those people who don't upgrade the OS. hehe.
    have a fun week!

  7. lovely outfit posts...sorry i'd been a little busy so i didn't visit the blogsphere much...regarding whereabout for the masks...i purchased those a year ago from one of the gift store in LA when i was there to visit my family...couldn't remember the name though...but you can google there are plenty of places who carry fancy masks as well...
    Regarding the vietnamese the sauce that really make the different..make sure put lemon juices from fresh lemon...about 2-3 slices...2-4 tsp of sugar (depend on your taste), 2-3 tsp of water...Good luck and let me know how its turn out!!!

  8. haha, index funds.

    i am LOVING the skress look!

  9. Holy crap -- you're good at this! Every version looks great. As for your comment on my blog--unless you're taking a vow of poverty, always ASSUME you will be able to get what you want some day. Seriously. Don't let doubt cross your mind ;-)

  10. You are so demure in that first outfit, I love it! And I love your SE booties!
    This skirt was made for you :)

  11. You're amazing!!!
    Fabulous outfits with one skirt!
    I admired you!

  12. Haha, the convo with your husband is hilarious... this just proves that men don't know ANYTHING about fashion ;-) Love all these outfit combinations! No matter what you spent, the black skirt is worth it... the most versatile piece ever!

  13. Hey girl-- it's fun to experiment. I love the way you've worked these looks! So fun.

  14. One little skirt worn so many fabulous ways. Love the pearls!

  15. Hey Grace,

    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave comments on several of my post. You really didn't have to do that but I greatly appreciate your time and effort. To answer your question, I will be doing the Fraser Island and Whitsundays tour. I can't remember the name of the company off the top of my head but our travel agent/gal says it's really good. The trip will be 10 days long and that includes travel time as well. And scuba diving is an activity that is offered for those with no experience so I might fork out the money and give it a try. We'll be doing sailing and snorkeling, among other things as well. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to take pictures for everyone to see. I'm expecting it to be a trip of a lifetime.

    I’ve never seen Chris Tomlin live but I would love to one day. I’ve seen other bands like United and Avalon. If you’re a sucker for romance, I would recommend reading the book. It's a pretty easy read and you'll get through it quite quickly. But definitely watch New Moon is you get the chance.

    Wow, Grace. You look stunning in the first outfit. That skirt was made for you and I’m sure you’re very happy with the purchase considering it compliments your body type and goes with so many other things. I love basic black skirts that are versatile and flattering. I love how you paired a bright pink dress with the skirt. I’ve never thought of that. I think it’s very creative and pretty. You pull it off so well. And your last outfit with the boots and scarf is simply chic. I really like the colour combination.

    You seem to come across some of the best stuff even though they come with a big price tag. You’re a smarter shopper who knows how to work these items with other things in your closet and that’s what I really like about your style.

    And the Closet App for the iPhone sounds so cool. I think my boyfriend might have that app and if not, then I recall him telling me about it. I’ve been thinking about getting an iPhone for Christmas. I can’t wait to come home and purchase it.

    Anyways, this comment is more like a long email. My internet is slow again (I think me and my roommates are over our monthly bandwidth for usage, or something like that) so I’ll do my best to drop by and leave comments when I can. Thanks again for all your sweet and lovely comments, Grace. Hope you’re having a great week. Talk to you soon.


  16. Mmmh I really like the way your "transformed into an exquisite top" bridesmaid dress 's color tone both subtly/sensuously matches/contrasts with your skin complexion . . . AND the way my modest Words ideally illustrate this article, and of course not Only this One (ps: you're Truly Welcome for that Dear, your smiling presence is Truly glowing beyond the Ocean) !!!
    Hope you're Well Chère Grace.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  17. Hello sweetie,

    I love the first outfit!

    If U have a mood, look at my newer giveaway!


  18. you keep on rocking different pieces of clothes! I will try the skress style

  19. Love how you make this skirt so veratile..great purchase! My fav. is the "safari meets jitterbug" look!

  20. Ahhhhh!!! Love this! I love it when you show how you can wear the same item of clothing so many different ways! I don't even know where to start but the skirt is really gorgeous and, as you clearly displayed, very versatile and worth every penny!

  21. Omigosh, you are so creative!!! I love all the looks you pulled off, how fantastic!

  22. oh darling, you lok great , I absolutely love how you styled oe dresss.. it's amazing!


  23. You ve got some pretty neat ideas... love the skerss.. it works well and i like the safari top..

    You look great..!!!!!!!

    Secret Desire Lingerie

  24. Beautiful staple skirt and love all of the different ways you wear it! I esp. like the safari outfit :) xo, Mel

  25. Love the Max Mara skirt and the whole first look. Supper cute. YOur blog is fab I will follow. And I love that App...

  26. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so many outfits. i think i like the presidential inaugural ball, and the red dress over the black skirt the best!!! i love wild animals!

  27. great mix of clothes!! i love the diff ways u wore a basic blk skit!

  28. Hi Grace! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I love how excited you are about the app! Haha I'd probably be the same way!


  29. wow! you made that skirt look amazing the many ways you pulled it off! fantastic!!!

    hope you're having a great week =)

    biggest hugs! <3

  30. Oooohhhhh, thank youuu soooo much ;)

    Good Night & SWEET DREAMS to ever charming Grace!!!
    mwwaahhh ;)

  31. Hey Grace. I just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing. You haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd leave a second comment. I have a week off before I leave for my trip, so I'm just killing time at home, doing mostly nothing and watching Gossip Girls, hehe :) If I don't hear from you before I leave, I hope you're doing well and I'll be sure to get in touch with you after I return and you can count of pictures as well :) Hope to hear from you. Take care, Grace.




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