Monday, March 7, 2011

Paris: Sights, Shops, STYLE (Part 3)

What outfit should I wear in Paris during a winter visit?

This question caused me several sleepless nights. In fact, I must have lost a few pounds stressing much over it. I mean, it's Paris, the home of all things chic and fashionable, who wouldn't lose sleep over such mind-boggling question?

Ok, lies. The truth is, I only packed the night before the trip and in an effort to travel light, forgotten a few things. But I somehow managed with just 1 scarf and 1 pair of jeans worn 4 times!

Did I hear anyone say GROSS! Yes, I know. The germaphobic me seems to have been hibernating recently.

What I wore out shopping!
-- Armani Exchange sweater -- Target tights -- 7 for all Mankind jeans -- Banana Republic boots --

But I learned a very important, life-altering lesson on this trip: I need a good pair of some buttery soft tall leather boots! The boots I wore nearly cost me my toenails!! And each time the unforgiving leather would come in contact with my ankles, I'd give out little cries of pain. Considering we walked nearly 52,000 steps while there, can you imagine just how much ordeal I put my little feet through?!

Wore this to the Opera Garnier to see Caligula ballet
-- Lanvin LBD -- Chanel-esque tweed from Nordie's Rack -- Louboutin "New Simple" red pumps --

Hubby wore his favorite Burberry suit

Every time I'd see folks giddily strutting in their comfy Uggs, I had to battle self-restraint to prevent myself from tackling them to the ground and taking their Uggs for myself!

Yes, it was that serious. I was ready to suffer misdemeanor charges in the name of comfort.

So lesson learned there, I need some buttery soft leather boots so I could stay away from jail!

What I wore to Guy Savoy.
-- Qi Cashmere LBD -- Chanel-esque tweed from Nordie's Rack -- Louboutin "Picador" slingbacks --

Paying homage to the mothership
-- Theory dress -- Laundry by Shelly Segal coat -- Longchamp Le Pliage shopper tote --

Thanks for listening to my rant!
Up next: Paris haute cuisine!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paris: Sights, SHOPS, Style (Part 2)

Didier Ludot

Rue Fauborg Saint Honore Shops


Depot Vente at 17th Arrond.

My Paris souvenirs!


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