Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Guy Savoy, Paris

I was nervous, giddy and excited all at the same time when we went for lunch at Guy Savoy. And considering it's got 3 Michelin stars and consistently get rave reviews among the foodie community, I had very high expectations!

We were the first ones to arrive and felt like a royalty as the entire staff welcomed us at the reception area! Everyone was so warm and nice and made sure we were comfortable being this as our first dining experience at a 3 Michelin star restaurant!



Out came a serious of amuse-bouches beginning with this foie gras terrine and toast on a stick...


Then, we were served another amuse-bouche of lentil and truffle ragout. I thought this was really, really good... such intense flavor!


Lifting the cup was another surprise amuse-bouche of lentil spring roll.


We were already so amused with the amuse-bouches served so far long before the meal officially started.

To officially kick off the meal, I had the artichoke and black truffle soup for starters. It was so rich and oh so flavorful, I really don't mind eating this every single day!!


Brioche with truffle butter...

For his starters, the hubz picked terrine of foie gras and cannard in black truffle sauce

Midway through, a bread cart came in loaded with some artisan bread!
I passed on these carbilicous goodness which to this day, I still regret!


Then came the main course. I had the red mullet with liver sauce and some pickled herb that was supposedly marinated for over 6 months!

...The hubz had sea bass (scales included!) with vanilla-infused stock.

Shortly after, we were served a pre-dessert of lemon/pineapple meringue, grapes with rice pudding (weird but good!) and apple infused with something that was really good but forgot what!

For dessert, hubz had what the menu says "apple" which was really layers of apple compote, apple sorbet, apple granita, apple crisps and juice of can you guess what?? Yes, apple... what else? :D

He calls it a very expensive applesauce. :D

Meanwhile, I had dark chocolate biscuit and dark chocolate ganache topped with dark chocolate sorbet! It was served with black pepper. Yes, black pepper, I'm serious!

Just when we thought it's over after the 2nd dessert, out came this "chariot of sorbet"!

I picked a vanilla sorbet, caramel custard, chocolate macarons and 2 of the best tasting marshmallows I had in my life!

The hubz picked strawberry and vanilla bean rice pudding and sorbet!

After all that gourmet goodness, the final dish was this prune sorbet which was a perfect palate cleanser!

And that ends our 2 1/2 hours gastronomic adventure which we will both remember for a long, long time!


  1. Mmmmh.... lecker.. ;) yummy.yum.yum...

    Sounds like you´ve spend an amazing evening!
    So many delicious dishes... brioches with truffle butter or
    the strawberry sorbet.

    Such a great restaurant review, Grace! I was never there before and
    I have to put it now on my Paris-restaurant-wishlist ;)

    Have a lovely day ahead in MN!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Martina!!

    You'll sure enjoy it there! I would love to go back and dine there again. if not for the price, I'd go in a heartbeat!!

    Hugs to you too!!!! Big mwahhh!

  3. Delicioso!

    G, I have artichokes here but I don´t have black truffles. ;)

    Natawa ako expensive applesauce comment ni hubs mo! :)

  4. @Che - LOL, he really said that. Of course he had to whisper it and I almost blurted into a big laugh. Good thing I was able to control it, otherwise, it'll be splattering dark chocolate all over our table! LOL! =)



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