Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Summer, How I Love Thee!

It's a bit of a challenge to take outfit shots when I'd rather be riding my bike or 
jogging outside or watching an outdoor movie or all of the above!  

Pardon me for posting these old photos taken a while back as I enjoy the lovely 
summer we are having now.

Trench Dress (1) Trench Dress (2) Trench Dress (3) Trench Dress (4) 
                                                                    DRESS: Nanette Lepore red trench dress.   See winter styling here and here.
                                                                     ACCESSORIESChanel reversible logo necklace
                                                                     SHOESChanel burgundy patent pumps.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Days

Summer in Minnesota is so lovely it makes you easily forget about the long harsh winter.
The sight and smell of flowers in full bloom, 
the thick foliage in their greenest glory all make the last dump of snow 
from six weeks ago seem like a distant memory. 

During the brutally freezing winter months, we always vow to move elsewhere.
But when summer arrives, we always decide to stay.

stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag1 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag5 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag3 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag4 stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag6

Wishing for a well-deserved loooooooong summer this season. 

stella top - prabal for target sandals - zspoke bag2 

                                                                     TOP: Stella & Jaime striped crop top from Neiman's Last Call.
                                                                     SHORTS:  old white shorts from Australia.
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Chanel purple sunglasses.
                                                                     PURSE ZSpoke Zac Posen Shirley crossbody bag.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Beloved Photographer

We were doing our usual gratuitous outfit shots and while he was waiting for me,
leaning against the car as I was reviewing the photos from his camera,
I asked  him to pose for me. 
He refused profusely but I did capture one shot as he was looking away and voila! 

hugo boss jacket
Our style and lifestyle has now evolved since the first time we've met 13 year ago. 
But our hearts remained the same. 
We're still as silly as we can ever be -- stealing kisses in public when we think no one's watching and saying 'I love you' in response to 'thank you. 
He still has that silly boyish grin reserved only for me and I still have the sweet girlish voice
reserved only for his silly grin. 
marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms1 - Copy marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms4 marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms3

                                                                     JUMPSUIT: Marchesa for JCPenney.
                                                                     BELT:  Michael Michael Kors
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Fendi sunglasses. Chanel ring.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat
                                                                     SHOES Prada Sport cement suede bow pumps.  Still available here

                                                                     Hubby is wearing a Hugo Boss jacket that I picked for him!!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Borrowed From the Girls

 I totally missed out on the Missoni for Target designer collab event. 
I was so busy with work and wasn't able to go to Target until the day after its launch and was so 
 surprised everything got sold out so quickly.  
I only got a few things like tights, headband and a cami.   
I was determined to get a cardigan/shell set but the only one that's left was this large size from the girl's section.  Girls!!
It didn't fit me perfectly then but now that I've lost some weight, I am able to wear it without exposing my belly button with an ounce of decency. 
If I can fit clothes from the girls section, does that make me a petite now?  
Yeah right, one can dream. 

I'm so happy I didn't return this despite not having it worn for almost a year! 
Our weekend brunch cruise was the perfect time to take it out for a spin, along with my brand spanking new 
Chloe Paraty in the loudest of pink.
Hurray for summer and double hurray for fitting clothes from the kids section! 

chloe paraty - missoni target sweater set4 chloe paraty - missoni target sweater set5 chloe paraty - missoni target sweater set1 chloe paraty - missoni target sweater set3

                                                                     TOP: Missoni for Target sweater set  
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Chanel ring.  Zumba headband.
                                                                     PURSE Chloe Paraty in paradise pink
                                                                     SHOES Stuart Weitzman python print wedge espadrilles

Monday, July 8, 2013

Travelogue: Xperience Days - Afton River Cruise

When I learned about Xperience Days, I got so excited and booked a brunch cruise right away.
Reservation was such a breeze -- I chose my city, chose an activity and chose a price range. 
A cruise along the St. Croix river has always intrigued me and so I zeroed in on that right away.

The day we picked couldn't have been any more perfect. 
We arrived at the Afton Inn 30 minutes before our cruise time and had plenty of
time walking around the marina and enjoying the gorgeous day.  

Aboard the Afton Princess, our two-hour long Xperience starts with a champagne brunch of 
salads, pancakes, sausages, roasted chicken and a variety of dessert.  
Servers constantly go around to attend to each guest and would bring your drink of choice from champagne,
coffee, soda to any specialty mixed drink.

After the meal, guests were invited to go to the upper deck and enjoy the rest of the
cruise soaking in the picturesque view of the beautiful St. Croix river.  

It was indeed very relaxing -- I felt like all my worries melted away that day and
I left the cruise fully recharged and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me! 

P1020955 P1020880 P1020890 P1020919 P1020911 P1020868
Disclosure: The Xperience was gifted to me by the folks at XperienceDays.com.  
I received no compensation writing this post.  
All statements here are my honest and 100% own opinion. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ode to My Roommate

My roommate's wedding ceremony was so touching and sweet. 
I was so emotional from start to end.   
I cried as she was walking down the aisle, cried even more when the priest read their vows, 
and cried again even at the reception as I talked to her and we reminisced for 90 seconds our time together as roommates. 

We were such a good team back then! 
One time we choreographed a dance for our office Christmas Party and our team won first place!
We'd throw the most epic of parties and cramp 50 people in our tiny 2-bd apartment.  

She's the epitome of class -- she carries herself very well and always looks like a million bucks! 
She's the embodiment of today's Renaissance man: well-rounded and with many talents -- she can sing, dance, draw, cook, swim, finish an Iron Man, ace a triathlon and organize an Amazing Race.  She's multilingual (speaks French and Spanish), a trained gymnast and a classical ballerina all rolled into one!

She can do almost anything and it was so nice to see her finally check off  the one thing left she has yet to do:  To say "I do". 

suzi chin - chanel belt and shoes - br trina turk clutch2san fran wedding suzi chin - chanel belt and shoes - br trina turk clutch suzi chin - chanel belt and shoes - br trina turk clutch3
                                                                     DRESS: Suzi Chin for Maggie Boutique puple high/low dress.  Other ways to style here.
                                                                     SHOES:  Chanel patent peep toes in bright orange. Last worn here                                                
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Chanel chain belt.
                                                                     PURSE Trina Turk for Banana Republic turquoise box clutch
                                                                     On Him: Hugo Boss dark blue suit.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Few Firsts in SF

     I've visited San Francisco a few times before but this trip has a few firsts for me: 
  • First time to see the sun shining in the city!  All my visits previously have been either foggy or hazy. 
  • First time to see the Golden Gate bridge up close! 
  • First time to actually cross the Golden Gate onto the other side.
  • First time to visit Muir Woods Park -- where scenes from The Rise of the Planet Apes were shot.
target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST3 
 target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST2 target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST1 target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST6 target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST5
target jacket - derek lam kohls design nation - jbrand jeans - chanel GST4
                                                                     TOP: Derek Lam for Kohl's Design Nation.  
                                                                     BLAZER:  Mossimo from Target
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Prada baroque sunglasses.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel GST in black caviar


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