Monday, July 8, 2013

Travelogue: Xperience Days - Afton River Cruise

When I learned about Xperience Days, I got so excited and booked a brunch cruise right away.
Reservation was such a breeze -- I chose my city, chose an activity and chose a price range. 
A cruise along the St. Croix river has always intrigued me and so I zeroed in on that right away.

The day we picked couldn't have been any more perfect. 
We arrived at the Afton Inn 30 minutes before our cruise time and had plenty of
time walking around the marina and enjoying the gorgeous day.  

Aboard the Afton Princess, our two-hour long Xperience starts with a champagne brunch of 
salads, pancakes, sausages, roasted chicken and a variety of dessert.  
Servers constantly go around to attend to each guest and would bring your drink of choice from champagne,
coffee, soda to any specialty mixed drink.

After the meal, guests were invited to go to the upper deck and enjoy the rest of the
cruise soaking in the picturesque view of the beautiful St. Croix river.  

It was indeed very relaxing -- I felt like all my worries melted away that day and
I left the cruise fully recharged and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me! 

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Disclosure: The Xperience was gifted to me by the folks at  
I received no compensation writing this post.  
All statements here are my honest and 100% own opinion. 

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