Friday, July 12, 2013

My Beloved Photographer

We were doing our usual gratuitous outfit shots and while he was waiting for me,
leaning against the car as I was reviewing the photos from his camera,
I asked  him to pose for me. 
He refused profusely but I did capture one shot as he was looking away and voila! 

hugo boss jacket
Our style and lifestyle has now evolved since the first time we've met 13 year ago. 
But our hearts remained the same. 
We're still as silly as we can ever be -- stealing kisses in public when we think no one's watching and saying 'I love you' in response to 'thank you. 
He still has that silly boyish grin reserved only for me and I still have the sweet girlish voice
reserved only for his silly grin. 
marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms1 - Copy marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms4 marchesa JCP - chanel sac rabat - prada cement platforms3

                                                                     JUMPSUIT: Marchesa for JCPenney.
                                                                     BELT:  Michael Michael Kors
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Fendi sunglasses. Chanel ring.
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat
                                                                     SHOES Prada Sport cement suede bow pumps.  Still available here

                                                                     Hubby is wearing a Hugo Boss jacket that I picked for him!!  

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