Wednesday, March 31, 2010


-- trench coat from Manila -- Lucky Brand jeans -- Lanvin scarf --
-- Prada crackle platform pumps -- Michael Kors belt --

Find something that inspires you.
Stare at it.
Voila! Enlightenment in 5 minutes or less.

Yes, if only it's that easy. The truth is, we run out of creative juices once in a while...

Pardon me as I need to reboot myself.
Hopefully I'll restart with a "creativity" upgrade feature that this blog badly needs.

The much-improved Grace 2.0 will be available at your service shortly. =)

PS - Will still be tweeting for those who wanted to follow my nonsense!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Skirt for When I'm 50

carmen marc valvo skirt - prada pumps2
carmen marc valvo skirt - prada pumps
brown dress from Manila -- Carmen Marc Valvo brocade skirt -- Banana Republic necklace --
-- Prada crackle platform pumps -- Fendi watch --

I'm much too young to be categorized as "Mother of the Bride". Heck, I'm NOT even a mother yet! But that didn't stop me anyway from picking up a skirt at the "Mother of the Bride" section at Saks.

The skirt was originally very matronly - too loose of a pencil cut and with hem stopping at mid calf. I asked a friend to shorten it just right above the knee and voila, this skirt is now packing with some ooh la la!

Pairing it with a dress and I now have another "SKRESS" (Skirt + Dress) look. I wore it this weekend at our friend's baby dedication service. Coincidentally, it's the same friend who altered this skirt for me! More so, I was one of her baby's godmothers.

I guess I'm a "mother" afterall... to 6 godchildren and counting!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY: Zipper Necklace

As seen on Lucky Mag. $118 from

Materials you'll need:
2 pairs of 18inch zippers
2 yards of satin ribbon (cut in half)
thread in the same color as the zipper
safety pins
super glue (optional)


1. Separate the zippers by cutting off the slider and the excess tape ends leaving only the teeth part.
2. Stitch each into a rosette. The first round of petal is a bit tricky but it gets easier as the petal gets bigger.


3. Using safety pins, arrange the 4 rosettes as you'd like it and stitch it in place.
4. Again using safety pins, place the satin ribbon on the sides. Make sure to try it around your neck before you stitch it in place.
5. Optional: You can glue them together too if you want.
6. Done!

DIY zipper necklace2DIY zipper necklace1DIY zipper necklace3

Total cost for this DIY is $4.50 and it only took 2 hours while watching TV.

Have fun!

Click on the photo to see how I styled this necklace.
summer staple RAR_4267

Saturday, March 13, 2010

VitaMinn DVN

photo credit: for Dries Van Noten pumps with python-covered curved heel.

My hubz call them the "cow" shoes. Look closely and I think you'd agree. ;)

Whenever I'd wear this pair, I always have colleagues and complete strangers tell me, "Wow, those are some shoes!" I wonder if they really meant to say, "Wow, those are some COW shoes!". =)

Doesn't matter. I'll keep mooing in these!

dries van noten
dries van noten2
-- H&M gray sheath dress -- black blazer -- CK belt --
-- Banana Republic necklace -- Dries Van Noten python-covered curved pumps --

Here it is appearing on the FW 2009 runway:
photo credit:

Pronounced as: Dreez van NOH-ten... not Know-ten... not Note-en. Short "o" and short "n".
This is according to a very reliable Dutch/Flemish source. =)

Have a great weekend everyone! Moooo!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dolce&Gabbana... &Yoda

Will you ever drop a grand for a skirt? For a purse, easy... but for a skirt, not a chance!! Well, unless it contains some magical powers.

This Dolce&Gabbana skirt probably contains some magical powers. It's the only plausible reason why it originally retailed for twice as much as my first rental apartment. Glad I didn't see that right away or else I would have had a retail-induced panic attack.

I first picked it up when it was already on its 2nd markdown at 60% off. Intrigued (who wouldn't be at 60% off), I tried it on and I was instantly smitten. It hugged my curves so well and the sheen bounces light very nicely (which unfortunately, I was not able to capture in this photo). It's simple, timeless, geometric and very Dolce-esque. Yes, if I'm a Tai Tai, I would definitely pay for this full price.

But Tai Tai I'm not,
So to wait, I must.
Three months, it passed.
Wishing, waiting, wondering...
Dolce&Gabbana, I now have!


Thank you, thank you. That was my Yoda-inspired shopping haiku! And now without further ado....

-- Dolce&Gabbana gray pencil skirt -- Target jacket -- Express cami --
-- Banana Republic belt and necklace -- Givenchy black booties--

PS - The uber chic Hanh of Life-in-Travel picked me in the top 20 finalist for her Fashion Blog World's Inspiration contest. I'm already so happy just being picked, but if you wanted to vote for me here, I won't stop you! Wink, wink...

May the (shopping) force be with you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barbie Fun

One of our godsons turned 1 and for his party, guests were asked to come dress as a Disney character, a cartoon character or any kiddie character.

I decided to come as Barbie... but without the long blonde hair, mile-long legs and towering height... and having a slightly bigger waistline than her usual 18 inches... and not being 35 pounds underweight... =)

barbie party2
barbie party1
-- pink mini dress from Manila -- white ChaCha boots from -- F21 earrings --
-- Laundry by Shelli Segal coat -- Barbie makeup tutorial here --

This is my very first Barbie, on exhibit at the Mall of America over the holidays. When I was in my teens, I gave her to my little niece and let's just say Barbie was beyond recognition the next time I saw her. I cried buckets...

-- Great Shape Barbie, 1983 -

Here's to reliving wonderful childhood memories!

I'm also now on Twitter, it seems fun so far! Also signed up for Formspring Me, feel free to ask me anthing!


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