Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Uniform

As I was bloghopping earlier today, I landed on Thumbelina's and got an idea of a post to answer this question she asked her readers:

What is your summer uniform?

For me, the formula is: "top + shorts + sandals". It's boring sometimes but it's a no-brainer when the temps are tipping into what can only be described as hot and scorching.

summer staple
summer staple1
-- black top -- white Banana Republic shorts -- Saks 5Ave sandals --
-- zipper necklace DIY here --

"Scorching hot" is relative though. Funny, here in Minnesota, people consider high 80s already a heat wave. Funnier, in Melbourne, people do not seem to be bothered even when temps are already in the triple digits, pushing me on the verge of a heat stroke. Funniest that I care about the heat at all, growing up in the Philippines where it's hot and humid all year long.


  1. Seriously 80s would be fine now! I love being in dresses or skirts all summer long!

  2. I agree with Chic 'n Cheap: I'd be happy if the temps went down to the 80s. But my perfect temperature is really 75 degrees.

    I finally bought some more shorts, so I guess you and I will be living in the same uniform!

  3. This exactly is my summer uniform too! hahaha! Can´t wait to see a ¨photo tour¨of your new house soon. ;) I´ve seen the outside photos, I keep wanting more. ;)

  4. PS: I can´t see the comments section on your latest post and so I´m leaving my comments here.

    ¨ Your new top is gorgeous, I´m so loving the print.The necklace is fab and your wedges are so sexy! I can´t wait to see what styling you´ll come up next using this same top. :)

  5. Great summer uniform! I love your new top in your recent post as well...sales are a dangerous thing ;-) It's so hot here right now, that I've just been wearing dresses the last few weeks. I'm too lazy to think of seperates at the moment!



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