Monday, July 26, 2010

Dressing Room Update

My dressing room is slowly making some progress. I am very pleased with the shelves I got from the very generous folks at (the one stop shop for anything you could possibly ever need for your home -- from furniture sets to dinnerware sets, name it, they've got it!)

Thank you CSNstores!! With the shelf they sent, all my favorite pairs are now proudly displayed and every visitor we invite over have to endure my senseless babbling that usually goes along these lines:

"Designer pairs are so worth it, there is no turning back once you buy your first one! I had 200 pairs of regular shoes before, and not one I'm giddy about -- design-wise and comfort-wise!! I mean, just look how stylish this is and feel how soft the leather is on this!!! I did not even think I could wear a 4-inch pair until this!!!! (Picking up the Prada booties or the Gucci suede pumps). These make walking 10 blocks easy breezy!!!!! Something that was a torture with ALL my old non-designer pairs before!!!!!!!"

NOTE: The increasing exclamation marks in my monologue above is not a fluke on my keyboard. I do say these lines in a rising crescendo, just ask my friends who've had the misfortune of touring this part of our house with me!! :P


OK, now back to my slowly progressing dressing room. I say "slowly" because until I actually STOP shopping for stuff, then I actually won't have any budget left to finish off this room.

With that dilemma (and OH, what a dilemma! ;), can you just imagine how happy I was when I was contacted again by the folks at for an opportunity to do another review?!

Right away, I went to their site and searched for things I still need in this room: a chandelier, a chaise, a girly lamp shade, some frames, an area rug and a platform.

A platform??? Yes, a platform! Don't ask, it's a story for another post!

So anyway, I'm still trying to decide what to get for the product review but I promise to post it here as soon as I receive it. Stay tuned....


  1. WOW!!! your dressing room looks like a boutique or a store in progress...envy much!!!

    love how you organize things..

    take care
    much love

  2. These are cute! It looks like a mini-designer show room. I lavet! Hmmm.. thinking what´s a platform for? ;)

  3. I'm liking those orange-y walls! Pretty!

  4. Lovely! I really love platforms! :)



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