Thursday, July 8, 2010

Too Much Pink in One Post

I hope there's no rule anywhere that says you can only wear something pink up to a certain age. If there is, well... yes, it'll find me guilty on so many counts but nope, it won't stop me... I love all things pink! =)

pink (1)
-- pink Diane von Furstenberg wrap top -- gray Armani Collezioni pencil skirt --
-- F21 necklace with
pink beads --


pink (3)

pink (2)
-- pink Banana Republic dress seen here, worn as a top -- Banana Republic skirt --
-- belt from Manila -- pink Dior sunglasses -- Ferragamo "Magma" slingbacks --

And finally, to bring the pink count to a total of 5, please say hello to my newest shoe addition: a shiny, satiny, strappy Valentino in the palest of pink .


So there, I am now officially the self-appointed President of the Pink Club of America.

Any joiners...? :D


  1. Can I join you in the club as vp? I didn't realize your shoes were pink! Love, love, love!

  2. We can never have enough pink! ;) Lovely shiny tops but it was that pair of satiny and strappy Valentinos which made my eyes grew wide as saucers. They look so heavenly! I have lots of pink too and so I´d love to join your club. ;)

    By the way thanks for the links on the quenelle recipe and brazo de mercedes. Looks like the house decoration will start on September, we still need to have the bedrooms repainted to add some color. :)

    Happy Friday, G!

  3. @cnc - yes, it's a very subtle pink, almost a nude just a few tints pink-er =)

  4. @Che - thanks! They were on sale at YOOX!

  5. You look great in pink! I confess that I don't wear much pink--except pale pink. By the way, congrats on the move!

  6. I have to agree with Thumbelina do look amazing in pink. And as you know, i have only recently converted in to the nude pink zone (as seen on one of my post):)

  7. Thanks Thumbie, Anna!

    @Anna - I know and you look so good in that pink top, should get more!!



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