Saturday, July 24, 2010

vitaMinn P3

Friends, may I present the newest addition to my handbag collection -- the Prada pebbled leather hobo with silvertone hardware! It's P to the power of 3 as this my 3rd Prada this summer and my 3rd Prada bag* from the Vitello Daino design!

I already said this before and I'll say it again, leather Pradas make for a very practical everyday handbag -- stylish and requires no maintenance despite the soft leather. I have been using mine all the time and managed to reduce the cost per use to about .6% of the bag's price. Now that's what I'd call getting my money's worth!!

prada vit. daino

* The burgundy Vit Daino I got last Christmas by cleverly pulling a Birkin scare now lives in MIL's closet. I decided to give it to her for Christmas! It was so fun to see her expression opening the bag -- she was giddy like a little girl!!!


  1. thanks for the idea, i think i'm going to wear more skress.

    Oh my, I wish I can buy Prada, I just have to be content with my coach and dooneys for now. I remember the red Prada bag from your previous post. You got a lucky MIL.

  2. That's so nice of you to give your MIL a Prada bag. Hope she appreciates you :)

    Nice new bag...I'm sure you'll get to use it a lot!

  3. @thumbie -- MIL does and she's actually very nice to me! Treats me like the daughter she never had. Helps that she's a shopaholic herself too!!

  4. nice!!! Prada has really nice collection of bags...

    awww....very nice choice dear!!!

    take care



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