Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Shopping

Whenever I go shopping, I feel a surge of natural high, my endorphins shooting through the sky. Whenever I go shopping, I forget about any hunger, exhaustion, aches, pain and discomfort. Whenever I go shopping, I stride like a gazelle, prey like a lion and roar like a tiger in triumph.

Shopping is in my very DNA. It's the only plausible explanation for all that I've written in the paragraph above.

Or in less scientific terms, I am simply born to shop (and have a keychain to prove it). And chances are, you are too, otherwise, you won't be lurking here in my little blog, curious about the recent shopping haul I've got!! ;)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My souvenir from Saks in Chicago, a Longchamp toile shopper tote!
Still available at Nordies, if you want!
Longchamp toile shopper tote

Fresh from today's haul at the shopping equivalent of Disney, aka "the happiest place on earth!" :P
neimans shopping 07-21

Got this Magaschoni sheath dress in black.
magaschoni sheath dress

And this DvF Roni tall boots.
dvf roni

And this package was waiting for me when I got back!!!

Here's a sneak peak... Any guess on what's inside?
Clue: this makes it for my vitaMinn P3 this summer!

And that folks, is the end of my summer shopping. The next few months will be a period of drought... or so the hubby hopes!


  1. The happiest place on earth - love that example! Oooh what's in there!

  2. love that purse, great blog!

  3. Oooh, what a haul! Congrats on all your purchases! I too am convinced that shopping is in my blood. I'd like to say we have a natural talent ;-) I've bought too much during the sales and will be (half) glad when they're finally over!

  4. your last line was a bit funny, I could relate to that...but wow you have great finds dear!!!!

    just fantastic!!!

    take care love
    hope you had fun shopping!!!!


  5. I remember when my husband realized that there were fashion "seasons"--he was so dissapointed that fashion was this never-ending cycle of new goods!! (He assumed I'd stop after a point.)

    Love the items. Can't wait to see the bag!!

  6. ahh shoppiing... nothing rejuvenates like purchasing new things :)

    and i adore your longchamp bag, very classic

  7. You're getting some good stuff! Great boots.

  8. Ohhhh... i KNOW what you mean. Love shopping! It makes me shine and it makes me smile.

    Enjoy your summer shopping. I am sure you are not done yet.

  9. thanks wendyB! =)

    @pratishtha - that's what he's afraid of that I'm not done yet. ;)



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