Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Top, Many Ways - Part 4

This is now the 4th outfit idea from the challenge, not bad, I suppose! And it's a work outfit this time. Although, I figure there's some minor tweaking I need to do first before I actually wear this one to work. For one, the neckline is probably too low for what I consider office-appropriate, so might need a cami to fix that bit.

Romeo and Juliet (11)

Another concern is the high front slit. I usually pair this skirt with a long cardi to minimize leg exposure but I think this will be OK for those days that I'll just be in my desk all day. Thoughts??
Romeo and Juliet (12)
-- Romeo & Juliet top -- Banana Republic skirt -- Michael Kors belt --
-- Jimmy Choo pumps --

Please come back tomorrow for the last installment on my "Many Ways to Wear 1 Top" challenge!


  1. looking so gorgeous, grace! its very put together yet definitely not boring.. that top works wonders!

    its been so long, how are you! sorry i've been kinda away on a hiatus and i barely have time to bloghop. keep in touch!


  2. The slit isn't inappropriate at all. I may agree with the top but a camisole should fix that. The colors in the top and the Jimmy Choo's are seamless cool! Great post

  3. I´d gladly wear this with a white mini if I have your endless gams. Does your office have a dress policy? ;)



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