Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skress #3

If you've been following my little blog a while now, you'll know I love the skress look. Skress = Skirt + Dress. See my skress outfits here and here.

And today, another one!

skress 3
skress 32
skress 31
Zara halter dress -- Guess skirt -- Mimi di N gold lion belt --
-- Ferragamo "Ribes" peep toes --

Would you believe this is the same dressI wore here, and the same skirt I wore here and here. Yes, that's the power of the skress, it can transform a simple little skirt and dress into yet another fabulous outfit altogether!

A shout out to the lovely Ces of Mom-Daughter Style who's also rocking the skress look!


Try it and let me know if skress works for you too!!


  1. i just opened my blog, saw the blogs i follow, i clicked your blog first and then saw this, nice surprise! thanks for posting my pic here.

    so true, skress look rocks. i saw your picture as "kid", so cute. you know how to mix and match clothes so well.

  2. great style!ma-try nga.hehe
    you look so sexy Ms.Grace!

  3. Hello Grace!
    You are for sure the new blogging-queen ;)
    Saw you did another lovely post.
    Love you call it skress, or is it "official"... never heard of it before ;)
    The outfit looks so lovely on you, especially the colors of your dress
    and not forget to mention your fab Mimi belt!
    Hugs to you ....

  4. love the color and as always a fan of your belt...

    and Ces really rocks too!!

    take care love

  5. Great look Grace! I'm trying to build up my skirt collection to rock this look more!

  6. You both are rocking the skress look! I´ll be following you soon, can´t seem to find the perfect skirt and dress combination for now. ;)

  7. PS: I was laughing about the kiddie sizes that we wore. Honestly, it was my first time to wear a size 14 for kids dress, it kinda had a snug fit at the upper part but after a few hours, it loosened up and so it worked! lol! :)

  8. Love this look. And love the picture Faye took of yours outdoors. The comments are not allowed on the latest post, so am posting here.

  9. Ditto about the commenting. I´m in love with the room decoration that you´ve done. It´s so beautiful and you´re too cute in your shorts and peachy( or was that pinky) top! ;)

  10. Hope you're having a great time in Brazil! I went there (and a few other South American destinations) on my honeymoon so I have fond memories of it. Adore that travel room by the way and have fun on the beach!



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