Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Skirt for When I'm 50

carmen marc valvo skirt - prada pumps2
carmen marc valvo skirt - prada pumps
brown dress from Manila -- Carmen Marc Valvo brocade skirt -- Banana Republic necklace --
-- Prada crackle platform pumps -- Fendi watch --

I'm much too young to be categorized as "Mother of the Bride". Heck, I'm NOT even a mother yet! But that didn't stop me anyway from picking up a skirt at the "Mother of the Bride" section at Saks.

The skirt was originally very matronly - too loose of a pencil cut and with hem stopping at mid calf. I asked a friend to shorten it just right above the knee and voila, this skirt is now packing with some ooh la la!

Pairing it with a dress and I now have another "SKRESS" (Skirt + Dress) look. I wore it this weekend at our friend's baby dedication service. Coincidentally, it's the same friend who altered this skirt for me! More so, I was one of her baby's godmothers.

I guess I'm a "mother" afterall... to 6 godchildren and counting!


  1. nice outfit

    6 that is a lot of work

  2. Wow! That's such an adorable Skress outfit! Love the way you have worn the skirt. the look is endearing, to say the least.

  3. Love the skirt - you always have the best pieces Grace!

  4. ooo I love the pleats/folds on that top + the gold tone and textures on that skirt.

    PS. if you have time please check out:

  5. I LOVE your dress, especially the colar. And that's gorgeous. Love that you sexied it up :)

  6. Hello to you my dearest Grace ;)
    Had to smile about your latest tweetphoto and comment!

    Such a gorgeous skirt, Grace!
    You always buy with so much class and style!!!
    Always perfect, always Grace!!
    The colors of your Prada heels are gorgeous!!!

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!!
    I will email you when I`m back home from Italy ;)
    Hope that maybe you will have some lovely friday chit chat with Kat!!!

  7. The skirt looks lovely on you! I think this style is better worn by someone as young and fresh as you as an elderly lady.

  8. Wow,G that brocade skirt definitely looks vintage to me.It reminds me of a brocade vintage mini-dress ( which belonged to my grandma) that I once wore in one of those college balls. The style looks so classy and elegant.So bagay sa yo, ninang! ;)

  9. Great job with the skirt! I love the fact you think outside the box when it comes to shopping ;-) I'm sure most wouldn't ever think to look in the mother of bride section! (actually a friend of mine gets some pretty cool slouchy stuff from the maternity section... haha).

    The SKRESS idea is fab by the way! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  10. you'll make a beautiful baby. You've got a lot of godchildren. I like the detail of the skirt, even the dress and necklace are gorgeous.

  11. I love the skirt and shoes babe!!!! you look hot...and you don't look old with can be classy and stylish...

    Take Care

  12. I'll have to borrow it from you in a few years.

  13. I love the skirt on you. Most of all your Prada pumps are perfection :)



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