Saturday, March 13, 2010

VitaMinn DVN

photo credit: for Dries Van Noten pumps with python-covered curved heel.

My hubz call them the "cow" shoes. Look closely and I think you'd agree. ;)

Whenever I'd wear this pair, I always have colleagues and complete strangers tell me, "Wow, those are some shoes!" I wonder if they really meant to say, "Wow, those are some COW shoes!". =)

Doesn't matter. I'll keep mooing in these!

dries van noten
dries van noten2
-- H&M gray sheath dress -- black blazer -- CK belt --
-- Banana Republic necklace -- Dries Van Noten python-covered curved pumps --

Here it is appearing on the FW 2009 runway:
photo credit:

Pronounced as: Dreez van NOH-ten... not Know-ten... not Note-en. Short "o" and short "n".
This is according to a very reliable Dutch/Flemish source. =)

Have a great weekend everyone! Moooo!!


  1. Chère Grace, I simply have to say that the venom of a "Fetish Python" like you can Only be Delightful . . . AND that this mix of Black § Grey tones Truly suits you ideally Dear !!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

  2. I love that they call them "cow" shoes. They're just beautiful and classic with a twist, very Dries but also wearable. Jealous! :)

  3. Hey Grace! Sorry about the long absence--my computer had a virus and I just caught up on my dose of Vitamin G! Hee hee. Anyway, love the shoes! Hope all is well over there! Say hi to Kat for me!

  4. I love them they do make an outfit standout.

  5. Hellloooo Grace!

    So here they are: your showstopping DvN "cow" heels! Love the combination of the snake heels and "cow" print. Did Kat already saw them? I`m sure they will also rock your new LBD ;) Can´t wait to see it!

    How lovely you look smiling in the very first photo, and your gorgeous necklace!!!Tres chic, tres Grace!

    Say a lovely hello to Kat!
    Enjoy your sunday with your hubby with lots of sunshiney moments!

    Looots of huuugs to youuu ... ;)

  6. you always look elegant. i like your shoes. it looks very feminine to me.

  7. Lady, that is one fashionable cow then! Love those shoes and your ever fabulous taste!

  8. You always look so classy! I would have never picked up those shoes myself but I am loving how they look on you.
    ps, just added you to my blogroll (cant believe I didn't have you there before!)

  9. I do see your husband's point. they do look like "Cow" shoes. But I love them. They do awesome things for your outfit.

  10. Your hubz is well, is just being a hubz like mine. lol! :)Drooling over those killer shoes but I´m afraid I can´t walk in those heels.

    Getting sexier, G! ;)

  11. Holy crap! I mean, holy cow! Those shoes are hawt.



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