Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barbie Fun

One of our godsons turned 1 and for his party, guests were asked to come dress as a Disney character, a cartoon character or any kiddie character.

I decided to come as Barbie... but without the long blonde hair, mile-long legs and towering height... and having a slightly bigger waistline than her usual 18 inches... and not being 35 pounds underweight... =)

barbie party2
barbie party1
-- pink mini dress from Manila -- white ChaCha boots from -- F21 earrings --
-- Laundry by Shelli Segal coat -- Barbie makeup tutorial here --

This is my very first Barbie, on exhibit at the Mall of America over the holidays. When I was in my teens, I gave her to my little niece and let's just say Barbie was beyond recognition the next time I saw her. I cried buckets...

-- Great Shape Barbie, 1983 -

Here's to reliving wonderful childhood memories!

I'm also now on Twitter, it seems fun so far! Also signed up for Formspring Me, feel free to ask me anthing!


  1. You look so cute! Sigh, I saw my Barbies from childhood - sigh not pretty and what was I thinking?!

  2. Hello to you Grace!
    When Barbie could see you she would probably change the color of her hair to look like you ;)

    I remember when you emailed me about your event but didn´t know about the Disney character. What a fun idea. I love childhood memories ;)
    And now I know why you are so sportive... you had a Great Shape Barbie ;)
    Have no idea about "my disney costume"... maybe as captain jack sparrow? Was it a disney movie ?;) So happy that we had no Disney stores here in Germany when i was a little girl, I´m sure I would have fallen in love with all the princess costumes ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!!.. no friday chit chats with Kat but I´m sure she thinks of you!

  3. Hello Ms. Grace! you look so lovely in this outfit.mas maganda ka pa kay barbie Ms. G!hehe

    love the boots and coat! :)

  4. You make a fabulous Barbie, Grace!

    Oh and I think you rocked your outfit below! Hence the stares :)

    I didn't vote because my answer was none of the above...LOL, I'm pretty oblivious when it comes to that. The hubs or a friend will tell me I'm being stared at. I never notice, especially not when I'm alone and there's no one to tell me, haha.

    Happy weekend!!!

  5. Hello, sweetie Barbie!

    I've never seen a Filipina Barbie as fab looking as you are. ;)

    Missed you too and your funny posts.

    So where do I start? Well, the lion belt and the vintage Givenchy skirt are to die for. As for those stares,honey you must be rocking the stripey-casual laid back look with those gorgeous boots, hence, the appreciative stares!;)

    I'm quite used to the stares in here. You know, brown skinned petite gal walking among white people, you can't help but feel "exotic".hahaha!
    I think the best thing would be just to smile and strut your stuff. ;)

    Happy weekend, G! :)

    PS: Yup,Spaniards are so "bolero", men and women alike.They love giving compliments especially if you look good. ;)

  6. hi grace!
    when i first saw your photo, i was like, "where did she get those boots???"hehe. those are insane...LOL. :D lovin' this costume though... barbie is always a dream.

    and how do i know eden? found her blog through dane of trust me, it's paradise...then found out that she is an old classmate of my lil' sister and now we have lots of common friends here in cebu...hehe. that's how our degree of separation is...:D

    when we go ukay2x here, we always bring alcohol and wash up after.LOL. so far, we haven't gotten sick because of it.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. I love your take on the Barbie look! Fabulous! And what a great idea for a kid's party :)

  8. To tell you the truth... You look so much better than Barbie!

  9. Hi Grace!
    Just wanted to drop you another line to wish you GOOD LUCK for Hanh´s contest ;)

    Have a looooovely day ahead!

  10. Thanks everyone! Thanks Martina for the well-wishes. Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow would be a good Disney costume! =)

  11. Hi Barbie Grace, if I'm a little girl and still loves Barbies, I would pick a Barbie like you from the store



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