Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dare to Stare

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One day, as I was going about with my own business around the downtown skyway, I couldn't help but notice a few long, flat-out stares directed at me. Made me wonder why because as far as I'm concerned, I looked very normal that day. I wasn't wearing anything that is begging for attention nor was I showing any skin (which btw, I never do! Or at least, not too much!)

stuart weitzman - carly - over the knee
-- Theory blazer -- striped top -- JBrand jeans --
-- Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots -- Banana Republic necklace --

I got so paranoid I even stopped at a store to check myself out in a mirror and sure enough, everything was normal. Zipper up? Yep! Face markings? Nope. Visible stains? Nope. And then it hit me... Gosh, do they think my hips is laughably too wide? Nah, can't be. Some of those who stared had hips wider than mine! Could it be that my over-the-knee boots look hoho-ish? Nah. Maybe if they're patent red. So what then could it be?? My golly goodness, confusion in the universe!

weitzman - carly - otk boots3
Stuart Weitzman "Carnaby" over-the-knee boots

weitzman - carly - otk boots4
Welcome to our office bathroom!

That leaves me with just one plausible explanation: maybe they found me interesting enough to merit the 5-second stare. Maybe.

And so it begs this question, when people stare, do you:

Stop them dead in their track and shout "Care Bear... STARE!!!"
Smile a big smile and strut like a runway model.
Feel conceited... how do you even know they're staring in the first place?
Curse the entire outfit for garnering such unwanted attention.
Hand out business cards for your blog. free polls

Have a great week ahead!


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