Monday, February 1, 2010

Travelogue: Viva Las Vegas!

If you could, would you quit your work and travel the world for a year?

Our friend from Melbourne did just that. She quit her job, packed her bags and bought a roundtrip ticket around the world! Now at the tail end of her journey, we caught up with her in Las Vegas before she headed to Hawaii to cap off her grand holiday. It was so fun hearing about her adventures from New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma to London, NYC, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and LA!

And so I couldn't help but ask myself: Can I forgo 100 pairs of Loubies (or 20 Chanel bags) to see the world?

Gladly, there's no dilemma there. With a mortgage to pay and retirement accounts to fund, the next 30 years of my life is already devoted to unceasing toil.

Vegas will have to do...

Besides, you see the world when you see Vegas anyway, yeh? It's like traveling from Cairo to NYC to Paris to Venice, to Monaco & Lake Como all in one strip.... nowhere else in the world has that!!!

I'm pathetic, I know. But enjoy these pictures anyway!

The Strip

Wynn Encore

living area






more vanity!

-- brown sweater dress -- Banana Republic belt -- F21 leggings --
-- Prada camoscio brown booties


City Center
2-story Prada & LV shops at the City Center

Cirque du Soleil's LOVE

Freemont Street Experience presents Aliens
freemont presents aliens

freemont street experience

* * *
And the winners of the wine holder giveaway are:

Congratulations "Woman" & Normie! I'll be contacting you soon. Hope you enjoy it!

I already opened mine and used it today for our wine with dinner! It's beautifully-crafted, perfectly-packaged and so slick-looking, love it!

* * *

Again, thank you for the lovely giveaway!

UPDATE: Just received this Hi-Fashion award from Che of Adventures of a Pinay Neska.
Thanks Che!!


  1. Viva Grace!!

    For 2010 Grace will conquer the world: San Diego and LA, back to Minneapolis and now Las Vegas and it´s February...the new year is just 2 months "old" ;)
    You stayed in such a beautiful hotel room, looks more like a suite than a room ;)
    Superstylish "study" with your LV bag, too and I know I said it before but I always love to see your charming smile!
    Did you wear your new Prada brown booties? You always know how to style "tres chic" in every single way, Grace!!! Love the brown shades of your look!!!
    Still have to smile about your "Gucci treasures" ... well done, Grace! ;)

    Can you believe it´s still snowing here? I have to send you a few photos of snow, snow and snow :)

    Hope you have a joyful and sunny day in Minneapolis, not too much stress at all during the week with your work!!!
    Sending you lots of hugs & kisses!

  2. I Win!!!! woohoooooo.. my first prize ever on winning something :) LOL thank you!!

  3. @woman - would you be able to a email me your mailing adress so I could send u the package this weekend? Thanks!!

  4. what a beautiful place you are staying...i'll definitely stay there next time i go to last trip at the Ceasar wasn't all that! Love your prada booties!

  5. I would totally travel the world for a year if I could afford it! I would totally do it in a heartbeat. Your trip to Las Vegas looks amazing - as do you!

  6. @Martina - yes, those are the new Prada booties from Barney's last Christmas!! I almost considered selling them but glad I decided against it coz it's super comfy! =)

  7. wish i could go there...looks so fab!
    i'm so jealous of your friend...wish i could do least tour phils..or asia..LOL.

  8. I love looking at your travel pictures. I've only been in Vegas once for 3 days and it was not enough. I wish I can go there again this year. Did you stay at Wynn? You're so sosyal, it looks really nice inside the hotel looking at your pictures. I stayed in Luxor and it's just a room and bathroom.

    interesting questions. "Can I forgo 100 pairs of Loubies (or 20 Chanel bags) to see the world?"I would definitely go travel instead of buy more stuff. But I'm poor so I don't travel much and just buy cheap stuff. Of course, it's gonna be different if I can actually afford 20 Chanels lol.

    If you could, would you quit your work and travel the world for a year? If I could, that means, I am debt free and RC is a little older to travel that much. Yes!!!

    OMGosh, I really did this, so much comment lol.

  9. To be Honest I never went to Las "Sin City" Vegas BUT I think that contrary to any kind of "Show Off Kitsch" these pictures (whose first One's view is Truly Stunning) first of All tend to emphasize its Majestuous side . . .
    ps: Frankly Hope you're Well beyond the "next 30 years of your life (uber smiling) sentence" Chère Grace !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. I will always regret not seeing Cirque when we were in Vegas :(
    I'd love to say "yes I would" but I'm such a type A kinda gal, it'd never happen.

    Congrats to the winners!

    And your twitter comment killed me, LOL. Good luck with giveaway!

  11. beautiful photos - my mom lives in vegas. Sigh...what a town. Haha. Props to your friend though! that's incredible!



  12. Can I have them all ( the Loubs,the Chanels and the endless supply of cash) and travel the world too? ;)A girl can only! :)

    For me, traveling is best when you have someone to share the sights and the unforgettable moments.

    Just by looking at your hotel suite, I wouldn't mind staying there all day and not going out. It looks so lush. ;)

    Love your necklace G and oh the lovely LV on the table looks delicious! hahaha!

    I'd love to stay in Las Vegas someday and experience the night life. It must be fun! :)

    PS: You deserved that award. ;)

  13. I've been wanting to Vegas or any part of California but the budget
    is too tight right now. If I could have the money to see other part of world I would definitely go travel and set aside loubs/chanel.
    life is too short and an experience of a lifetime.

    Grace, I love the room where you stayed in. Bonggang-bongga!

    Btw, i added you to my blog roll. all links can be found on the very bottom of my site. Thanks for the comment too!

  14. Happy sunny thursday to you, Grace!;)

    Just wanted to stop by to say a "little hello".
    Congrats on your award!!!

    Much love, as always ;)

  15. If I were rich and could travel the world in total luxury, definitely!

    But I would never spend all my money on travel and come home and be broke. I have friends who have done that but I'm too uptight!

  16. that looks so much fun! i really wanna visit Vegas. someday! =)


    ps. you look gorgeous.

  17. I LOVE Vegas! Seriously. It is such a fun and great place. And that's all without the gambling too! I love your pictures, brings back so many memories of such a fun time. Next time I'll stay at the Wynn.

  18. I'd travel the world like your friend only if I had the savings to do so and enough money once I got back! I travel a lot now, but mainly for work and short weekends ;-) Oh and don't be fooled by Vegas... I know plenty of people who have spent more money there than you could a year abroad ;-) But a fantastic room you guys got.... very chic!

  19. I love Vegas!!! Great photos ....and your choice of SHOES!!!



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