Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Shopaholic's Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

You will be pleased to know that I am doing my part in propelling this ailing economy of ours with a purchase that, at the same time, provides an essential nutrient for my sanity: a healthy dose of vitaMinn G.

vitaMinn G - Gucci flats from The Forum Shoppes at Caesar's in Las Vegas

gucci the interlocking G's! It's like these shoes were custom-made to bear my initial! :p

I ask nothing in return for this act of responsible citizenship. But if you must insist, a shopper's credit does not seem like a bad idea at all. I promise that any such refund will be invested back in the retail economy for some other important nutrients I lack:

photo credit: google
vitaMinn B - Balenciaga City bag in pomengranate

photo credit: google
chanel large flap classic - jumbo
vitaMinn C - Chanel jumbo in any buttery color!

Grace aka Gracie aka G


  1. haha, funny!Hope you got that shopper´s credit!!You did a great bought!xoxo

  2. I always love anything green, and this shade of emerald is gorgeous. I am SERIOUSLY considering buying a Balenciaga...I know you were thinking of buying a bag before. Have you decided on anything?

    Now that Chanel prices are so high I wished I bought another one before. It's funny--I see Chanels everywhere in NYC. It's like everyone is pulling them out since they're classic.

  3. I have a Balenciaga in bubblegum pink! At first I thought this was the same color but I guess it's deeper. Hard to tell on this monitor.

    I'm always happy to see people shopping!

  4. Aaahhaha VitaMinn G!! I love it!! congrats on the new addition to your medicine closet!


  5. Amazing bag! Love the chanel
    X fashionnerdic

  6. That is a great way to boost the economy. i think you deserve to be felicitated. Shopper's Credit does sound good.

  7. Happy Monday, Grace aka Gracie aka G ;)

    and here they are: your newest "GG" treasures from Vegas. Fanfare ;)
    I already love the huge shopping bag ;)
    These look truly comfortable so your hubby simply had to agree with you to own them! Can´t wait to see you wearing these!!! Congratulations Grace for another fabulous purchase.
    Oh and how much do I love your wishlist! The jumbo Chanel bag in this buttery candy color looks so adorable.. I can hear it whispering "please buy me, Grace" ;)

    For the Wolford tights:
    A few years ago I bought always some cheaper tights and realized always they got damaged so fast and so I bought so many of them again, again and again, then I got my hands on a pair of Wolford tights and nothing happened with them during the years! From my point of view you spend maybe first a little bit more but at the very end you buy just one pair because the quality is really good and it´s close to impossible to get a run.

    I bought last week a pair of extralong Topshop tights and was also surprised about the good quality!

    Wishing you and your hubby a loooovely day ahead!!!!
    Much love, as always tooo you, Grace!!!

  8. P.S.:
    The "shopaholic letter to the president" is so you and put a smile on my face ;)

  9. That is a fabulous shade of green. And yes I need a Balenciaga too! I'm thinking I'll only get one so I'll be safe (and boring) and get it in black :)

  10. Bonjour !
    I just started following your blog and I really like it. I discovered it while searching about my newly bought "Ferragamo Ribes" shoes on google, and I see that we have them in common !
    Keep going and all the best from Paris.

  11. Ooh that red Balenciaga color is making me happy!

  12. Oh I like that cream colored Chanel !! Thx for visiting my blog :) Mon Mode Blog

  13. This made me literally laugh out loud! Absolutely love the Gucci flats - the color is amazing. You crack me up.

  14. this post is hilarious!
    great find on the shoes! :D
    i wish i can afford these stuff...for now, i'll stick to thrifting...:D

  15. Fab shoes! I love that splash of green and your intial(double)on it.So G na G, so you!:)

    I'd wish for a shopper's credit too so that I can buy a dozen Balenciagas and a dozen more of Chanel, but I'm a bum right now and so broke and so I'll jut dream about this. lol! :)

    Have a lovely week, G! :)

    Un abrazo desde aqui. ;)

    PS: I only have 2 small closets. One for spring-summer and the other for autumn-winter. I do repeats too especially the bottom part, it's just that I don't post my outfits daily and so you don't get to see these repeats more often. lol! :)

  16. G, Mr. President would be so proud of you! that's a really really gorgeous shoes! i love it. the color is perfect.


    ps. about the jeggings, it's really comfortable. and i love how i don't have to worry wearing long tops. =)

  17. I think the President would be proud of you ;-) My husband has joked that I'm the reason France is no longer in a recession. I'm sure I helped out the UK a bit as well! Hey, we're just being good citizens!

    Oh, and you should definitely get the Balenciaga. They're my favorite bags ;-)

  18. Haha...I love your great sense of humor, Grace!
    My gawd, my heart breaks when I saw those green favorite ever.

    P.S When are you coming to Boston? I would love to meet you.

  19. I have one word: jealous! Those shoes are just simply amazing. I love the colour more than anything!

  20. Thank you all for the comments!!

    @Paris Girl - thanks for following! Hope you enjoy your Ferragamo Ribes... it's really my favorite summer/spring shoes, so comfy and chic!

  21. Another great purchase! Nice color with your initials.

  22. wow, so jealous, wish i could go there too.
    <3 <3




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