Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mixing Prints

: What do you get when you mix a black leopard, a lion head and a snake?
outfit4 - mixing prints
photo credit: Google

A: An outfit!
outfit4 - mixing prints1

outfit4 - mixing prints2
-- Michael Kors leopard print black blazer -- Mimi di N lion's head belt --

outfit4 - mixing prints3
-- vintage Givenchy skirt --

outfit4 - mixing prints4
-- Sam Edelman faux snakeskin boots --

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Happy sweet monday, Grace!

    Black is beautiful and so are you ;)
    Had to smile about your Q&A!
    Your snakeskin boots are rocking!!! I remember the day when you emailed me a picture with your Mimi belt... and another picture with Kat and her Mimi belt. How is Kat doing? I´m sure you miss your friday chit chats!
    I love these Mimi belts ;)

    And now... I´ll send you an email :)
    Lots of hugs to you so far away in Minneapolis!

  2. AAaaw so Chère Grace I simply have to say that this as roaring as poisonous cocktail of "Dark GLAM with a precious twist on your waist" (singularly)
    sounds (utterly) delightful with such a radiant presence ANS such a jet black mane like yours !!!
    ps: Hope you're Well Dear.

    Amicalement, Antoine

  3. Oh wow this is such an amazing look. That belt is to die for!

  4. Holy wow! That is one amazing outfit! That blazer is to die for, and those boots are just, wow! I love how you've accented everything with that fantastic belt, I've never seen anything like it before! You just look amazing!

    ps, thanks so much for your really nice comments, they make my day! :)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    LOL, I was so scared you were going to post some weird freak animal. SOOO relieved when I saw your fabulous outfit :)

  6. Ooh yes, what a lovely belt! Sigh, you have such great pieces dear.

  7. That belt is simply amazing!
    I'd love to wear that and see the reactions on people's faces :) its mighty fierce!


  8. That's very, very, very, very, very quirky and glamorous... You look awesome. Oh, and love the belt.

  9. ang ganda ng belt. your outfit is fabuluos.and i really love black.(pumapayat ako ng konti pg nakablack.)haha :)

  10. LOVE the different dark textures of your outfit! It gives everything such a sumptious quality! And the belt is awesome! I like how you can pull things from the animal kingdom to the fashion world ;-)

  11. LOL at what Ela said. It's wonderful--I love mixing animal prints, and you did this so well.

    How is everything over there? Is it still freezing? We've had some winter storms here in NYC...thankfully, I got two snow days out of it!

  12. Totally loving the Givenchy skirt and those boots. Meow! :)

  13. What a lovely outfit. The lion head belt is so cool !!!

  14. Love the lion head the all black outfit a lil something extra.

  15. @Ela - I think I will do a freak animal post next time just to amuse you! ;)

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  16. I didn't think mixing animal prints would look so good. The belt pops out from the black..



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