Sunday, September 26, 2010

VitaMinn VW for this lovely Vera Wang Lavender Label layered ruffle top!

I really love Vera Wang silhouettes and how it embraces femininity in its designs: ruffly, drapey, bling-ey and frilly!

I got this deep green/black satin top earlier this year but didn't get a chance to wear it until recently. I must admit though, this draped me better months ago when I first bought it. I seemed to have gained some pounds lately which makes a few of my clothes fit awkward. I blame it on this here! ...A minute on the lips, forever on the hips, arggghhh!!!


I'm really loving my Vivienne Westwood for Melissa jelly flats! I've been wearing them almost every night for dinner out with colleagues. Arghh, there goes another reason for the weight gain, I've been dining out way too much recently! Oh well, such is the challenge when you're traveling for work.

OK, enough about my weight gain, I'll deal with it somehow! ;) Meanwhile, I want to share this beautiful necklace I'm wearing here which is a friend's design! I'm wearing it like a bib which is very Vera-esque, would you agree?!

brazil weeeknd

Have a great week ahead, everyone!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Design(er) Diagram - Part 4


This has been fun and I'm contemplating of making this same picture format on my future posts! Though it's just a lot of work and it might remind me of work... so we'll see!!

Design(er) Diagram - Part 3


Design(er) Diagram - Part 2


Shoutout to my lovely friend, Faye, who's giving out an exciting giveaway! Check it out here!

Design(er) Diagram - Part 1

If I apply the same concept I do at work on this blog, my posts would look like this:


I do a lot of diagrams and arrows and smart arts for my work documents and presentations, so I figured, why not for my blog?

Please stop by everyday to see more design(er) diagrams here for the next couple of days!

Brazilian Gastronomy

Mystery: An unexplained weight gain of a few... well, uhhhm, errrr, MORE than a few pounds!

Investigation: Track back the travel photos to find the culprit.

Mystery solved.



Must try: petite gateau & caipirinha
(but not necessarily together!)

Brigadeiro Chocolates

corn pizza, anyone?

how about chocolate pizza?

only in Brazil: cheese ice cream with guava fudge
(it was surprisingly good!!)

This poor little blogger is still so swamped with work but will try to sneak some blogging time here and there, when I could!


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