Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

melissa - anglomania
photo credit: google

One day, as I wandering aimlessly along the shopping streets here in Brazil, I came across this quaint little shop that had the cutest flats in their display window. Intrigued, I came in and realized they were all made of plastic! Yes, plastic! And not only that, they smelled like bubble gum too!!

The SA was kind enough to give me a quick fashion round-up saying the designs are from a Brazilian company called "Melissa" whose eco-conscious creations features plastic shoes made out of recyclable materials.

And just like any other hip retailer in this day and age, Melissa collaborates too with designers to come up with some special, stand-out pieces!

In particular, these "Ultragirl" flats is a collaboration with the fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood. They immediately caught my eye and within 5 minutes, they were mine!

melissa vivienne westwood


Here's the rest of the Vivienne Westwood collection for Melissa.
Aren't they the cutest?!

vw for melissa

And here's a Jean Paul Gaultier design for Melissa.
I have a feeling this is not my first and last pair of Melissa jellies.
Already eyeing the Lady Dragon and the 3-strap flats!!!


  1. What a cute pair of flats! Love the bows on it. Are you back from Brazil already? Glad that you´ve activated the comments section again. ;)

  2. Thanks for the intro! Your flats are too cute!

  3. nice! another pair of shoes!:)

  4. Wow love the new pair of shoes...I skipped this post..I better check on other post if I skipped more...

    hehehe take care love enjoy the scenery




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