Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ipanema Beach

Frank Sinatra cannot be any more right -- the 'Girl from Ipanema' is indeed 'tall and tan and young and lovely'! Unfortunately, we've been too shy to zoom in on them to take pix, so instead, here's us.

Sorry to disappoint :P

I was the only one wearing a 1-piece swimsuit, I looked like a grandma standing next to the ladies in their micro-thong bikinis! Yes, the kind that some of us consider too risque to even wear as an underwear is proudly worn on the beach here!

View from our hotel

ipanema - rio1

More Ipanema pictures soon!!
The internet is cooperating so I'm taking advantage and uploading a bunch more pix.


  1. i can't believe you're wearing a one piece in ipanema! must say though, i loved your swimsuit. flattering in all the right places :)

  2. Awh, Grace!
    You look awesome in your bathing suit.
    And with the b/w color you are for me "Coco Chanel on the beach of Ipanema".

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation at this beautiful place on earth!!!

  3. wow!!!:) It looks like you're enjoying the beach! *I'm envy*

  4. the beach is breathtakingly beautiful! I love the 1-piece swimsuit with that white skirt,Ms.Grace!
    Have a wonderful summer vacation! =)



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