Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iguatemi Mall, Sao Paulo

What could have been a 2-hr trip to Sao Paulo took us 6. And to add to the stress was some hotel confusion that took another hour to get sorted out.

By the time I went to bed, my body was telling me that it needed to sleep for at least 2 days. Too bad my stomach didn't agree. It woke me promptly the next morning at 8, growling for breakfast.

I was more than happy to go back to sleep after breakfast but encountered another opposition. The hubz made a marital decree that a day in Sao Paulo will not be wasted spending in the 4 corners of our hotel room. I opposed such decree and lobbied with my very own conditions: I will only get my lazy arse out of bed if the day's activities involved something relaxing, rejuvinating and calming.

...And so he took me to Iguatemi Shopping Mall!! Am I a lucky wifey or what?!



The mall didn't disappoint. As with any other mall, it delivered the promise of relaxation, rejuvenation and calmness. While it's in the "smaller" side compared to the malls that we're used to here in the States, it's got all the designer "essentials" enough to transport any girl to shopping dreamland!


Brazil has a very steep tax on foreign goods. For comparison, an LV Neverfull GM That costs $750 here would retail for about $950 in Brazil; a pair of Louboutins on sale at Neimans for about $400 sells for $850 in Brazil, and that's on its final clearance already... Ay caramba!!!

But fret not, my dear friends... I didn't go home empty-handed. Of course not! That would be a violation of the Shopaholic's Code of Conduct. Stay tuned to see my Brazilian trinkets and souvies!

While roaming around the mall, we also caught this exhibit featuring gowns of Hollywood icons of old.

And here's us performing our touristy duties posing at a small Japanese Zen garden inside the mall


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