Sunday, July 31, 2011

Office Uniform Part5: Sheath Dress as a Skirt

I had a light bulb moment in this outfit realizing that a sheath dress can also be worn as a skirt. I had another light bulb moment soon after, realizing that with the dozen sheath dresses I currently have, it's like having a dozen new skirts too! And so the 3rd light bulb moment - the best one of all, came all too obvious: If I could wear sheath dresses in many more ways than one, then I must shop for more of them!

And so I did just that yesterday, with my good friend Faye.

-- Daniel Rainn cream sheer top from Nordie's Rack -- Tahari teal sheath dress (worn as a skirt) -- Prada nude pumps -

This is my hotel room in Dallas, which has been my home on weekdays for the past four months now!



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harry Potter, Fireworks and Red Velvet Cheesecake

Unlike other people, I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my own home where the seats are clean and popcorn is way cheaper than the $5 a bucket at concession (with some health bonus to boot: less salt and less butter too).

So on the rare occasion that I will drag my germophobic and tightwad self to go see a movie, it better be worth it.

And truly, it was! Having read all the Harry Potter books, I could not hold back tears even as the credits were rolling. It was a great movie, the perfect end to a 10-yr saga.

It was a great afternoon with friends as well! We had an early dinner right after the movie and shared the tastiest red velvet cheesecake known to mankind!

Glad we snapped a pic to commemorate this great day. Thanks to our dear friend Rona for taking this! On the top left is Ann, my identical twin from another set of parents; next to her is Faye, my partner in crime in shopping; and next to me is Trix, a walking and breathing evidence that mommies can still look fabulous!


-- Daniel Rainn pink top from Nordie's Rack -- J Brand white jeans -- Valentino strappy heels -

An equally great night capped the perfect day. Our city hosted a fireworks night that day to make up for not having one on the 4th of July weekend.

What a perfect day it was! It's as if no problem existed in the world for a whole 24 hours!


Thanks to Faye for these great photos!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how to look a 5 pounds less in photos? Here's a tip: crop off one cheek. And since I'm all for extreme measures, I'm cropping off both as shown below.

-- Kay Unger pleated full skirt dress -- Mimi di N leaf belt -- Guiseppe Zanotti peep toes -

For those who seriously want to get rid a few pounds for real and for good (sans cropping tricks), join me here as I challenge myself to shed off a few pounds!

Please bear with this poor little me as I undergo a much needed maintenance because it's no fun to be in the slightly-overweight-for-your-height category.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BBQ Party

We've been wanting to invite a big group of friends over to our place, but with work travel schedule, it was just too hard to find the time. Finally, without much thought and preparation, we decided to do it over the 4th of July weekend. It was a blast!

We probably had about 40-45 people in our place but surprisingly, clean-up was a breeze. I could have easily overdone it as I did so in previous parties here. But this time, I did the smartest thing and just had food personally catered by a chef friend. Thanks Chef Louie!


Now that I know that throwing big parties is just this easy, I can't wait to plan for the next one!

-- Ann Taylor tie dye top -- shorts from Australia -- vintage Chanel belt (from sister) -- Valentino strappy sandals --


This is my good friend Faye. She took all these shots in this post. She's my yoga buddy, shopping buddy, blog buddy and photography buddy. Well, technically, she does the photography while I only do the posing.

A few weeks before the big party, I invited her over for a test run of my grilling skills. She took this lovely shot of our new patio set!

faye shot

Be sure to checkout her blog here and her photography profile here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

7 Habits

f I have to write my own version of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I would definitely add Shopping in as an imperative habit. Would probably be even in my top 1 top 3. And I don't need any study to prove it, heck I would just draw from my very own personal experience.

You see, whenever I go shopping (or about to go shopping), I always feel very productive at work because a) I know I need to pay for my shopping and; b) I get really excited to parade my new treasures to my teammates.

Even the time leading to shopping seem to make me work faster than normal so I could rush to the mall after.

Take this peplum sheath dress, which I got for 75% off at Neiman's Last Call last weekend. I knew it would be counter productive if I didn't buy it right away because I'll just be constantly thinking about it all day. So being the effective person that I am, I spared myself the agony and closed the transaction in 3 easy strokes - click, cart, checkout!
marc new york peplum

Convinced yet? Can someone please sign me up for a book deal already!??

-- Marc New York peplum sheath dress -- Romeo + Juliet Couture pink lace top -- Ferragamo Ribes --

Now excuse me as I write the Preface to my future book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Shopaholic's Edition).


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