Sunday, July 31, 2011

Office Uniform Part5: Sheath Dress as a Skirt

I had a light bulb moment in this outfit realizing that a sheath dress can also be worn as a skirt. I had another light bulb moment soon after, realizing that with the dozen sheath dresses I currently have, it's like having a dozen new skirts too! And so the 3rd light bulb moment - the best one of all, came all too obvious: If I could wear sheath dresses in many more ways than one, then I must shop for more of them!

And so I did just that yesterday, with my good friend Faye.

-- Daniel Rainn cream sheer top from Nordie's Rack -- Tahari teal sheath dress (worn as a skirt) -- Prada nude pumps -

This is my hotel room in Dallas, which has been my home on weekdays for the past four months now!




  1. hey, two went shopping??? try to call me next time and maybe i can join you :) love the dress/skirt!

  2. wow you look gorgeous!!

  3. @Trix - we should schedule something! and you were really with us in spirit, we were saying how it would be a lot more fun with you there! :D

    @siena - thanks!

  4. I love your outfit friendship!:)

    @Trix, that's true Trix :) join us next time ;)

  5. just beautiful! i think i would like to stay in a hotel for 4 months, it would feel like vacation everyday while at the hotel.

  6. G, you forgot the 4th light bulb moment, shop for more gorgeous tops too like the one that you´re wearing! ;)

    Oh my gosh, what´s the feeling ba of living inside a hotel for 4 months? Feeling I can´t survive because I´ll terribly miss my old ratty pillow not unless I bring it with me. hahaha!

  7. Your pumps are so pretty!!! Also, congrats on all those light bulb moment hehe ;) love the color of the skirt (dress).

    Oh and about hats, hope you find one that fits perfectly, it's nice to try a different thing :)

  8. I just love everything about your outfit! very classy :) well, I hope you'd take the time to check on my blog too! kisses!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

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  9. Great outit - It sure is a great formal wear and an excellent alternative to a business suit.

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