Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Tale of Friendship

Good friends remain as friends no matter where they are in world.

Allow me to attempt to explain this in a story that will span four continents, three people and six years of friendship: Last weekend, a good Aussie friend of ours whom we met in Melbourne, and is now working in London for a company that is based in Minneapolis was in town for the weekend. We tried to meet up a few times last year but since I spent a lot of my time in Brazil, we couldn't. Tried to meet up again a few times this year but since I'm in Dallas during the workweek, matching our travel schedules was tricky. Until finally last weekend, we did!

He's a fellow foodie and travel junkie and he could talk about hole-in the-wall places in Makarska (Makarska where??) to three-star Michelins in Paris! A well traveled foodie seems a bit hard to impress but we took him to Restaurant Alma and surely, the pride of Minneapolis did not disappoint. Review coming up shortly!

alma1-st ant bridge

alma2-st anth bridge
-- purple top from Manila -- The Limited black mini skirt -- Saks sandals--
Hubby is wearing a Lacoste shirt and 7 for All Mankind jeans (yes, I just recently converted him over to the dark side of premium designer denim!)

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