Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Natal do Brazil!

Sending everyone warm Christmas greetings from Brazil!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 for 30 Round-up

You're going to see a LOT of me in this post! Rest assured I'm only doing this to document and recap the challenge and not for anything else! :P

...Fine, fine, I admit it, I'm V-A-I-N! Why else would I torture anyone with 30 pictures of me, me and me?!?! =)

roundup 2
roundup 21
roundup 22

Top 2 most worn shoes
  • Prada nude pumps
  • Gucci gray suede pumps

Top 3 most worn items of clothing
  • Max Mara Weekend A-line skirt
  • Theory black blazer
  • Ann Taylor floral halter top

My top 3 favorite outfits

And most importantly, lessons learned:
  • 30 pieces is a lot! In my case, it's even 3 too many! I had a skirt and pants I did not end up wearing and a pair of shoes I've only worn once.
  • Creativity is key. A dress can be worn as a top and a top can be worn over or underneath a dress; with pants, skirt or shorts and worn tucked, untucked or even backwards!
  • Quality goes a long, long way. Having 30 great pieces is better than 300 crappy ones.
  • I will go through my closet and will evaluate each piece using this new rule: If I can't picture myself using it for another 30x30 challenge, it's going to Goodwill!
  • I'm happy with what I have and absolutely need nothing else. But knowing me, I will completely forget about this as soon as I see something on sale. So if I have to shop anyway, I will shop for things I absolutely need!

And that wraps up this 30x30 challenge. Hope you had as much fun as I did.
Thanks to Kendi of Kendi Everyday for organizing this fun challenge!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Learn Portuguese (#30)

ome helpful tips in learning Portuguese :

  • "R" is pronounced as "H". Example: Rio de Janeiro is "Hee-yo de Janeiro"
  • "H" is silent. So, happy is "appy"
  • "L" sounds like "W". Example: Brazil is "Braziwww"
  • "T" at the end of the word is pronounced "tch". Example: Internet is "Internetch"

So, applying the rule...

I am so appy! We going ome in a few days. But before we leave Braziwww, we are going to Hee-yo first. If I'm silent for a few days, it means I don't have an internetch!

-- Ann Taylor blazer -- A|X tee -- 7 for all Mankind jeans -- Prada nude pumps --


I am also very appy that I am now finally done with the 30for30 challenge!!! Hurray!!!
Thank you all for looking and thank you Kendi for organizing this fun challenge!

My recap of lessons learned will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned! =)

Favorite Top (#29)

I really love this Marc by Marc Jacobs pink top, it is so versatile! I've worn it at least ten times since I bought it! It's great paired with jeans, shorts, skirt, with cardi or shawl and can be worn untucked, tucked and even backwards!

This combination: SK1 + T3 + S1

-- Marc by Marc Jacobs pink top (work backwards) -- Dolce & Gabbana gray skirt -- Prada nude pumps--

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Office + Office Party (#28)

The glittery top of this outfit shouts party while the blazer and pumps remain office worthy. I wore this to the office last week and wished I had an office party to go to afterwards!

This combination: B1 + T4 + SK2 + S5

-- Theory blazer -- Ann Taylor sequined top -- Max Mara Weekend skirt -- Gucci pumps --

Black and Gray (#27)

My office uniform consists of black, brown and gray. I need to learn to wear some colors to work. I fear that if I wear pink, yellow and purple, no one will take me seriously. But it doesn't have to be. Who ever said that pink can't be powerful? Someday, I will prove them wrong. But for today, it's black and gray!

This combination: SD4 + T1 + S4

-- Ann Taylor black sheath dress -- Ann Taylor satin gray top -- Stuart Weitzman black pumps--
-- Oscar by Oscar dela Renta belt --



Saturday, December 18, 2010

CIO Meet & Greet (#26)

What would you do if you're told you're going to meet with the CIO to present a 90-minute year-end review of the project and propose (errr "beg" in corporate speak) a budget for the next year?

My initial reaction to this was, "Oh my gosh, what would I wear?!"
I thought of going the easy way -- shopping for a new outfit... BUT decided against it in the end.
I thought there has to be pieces in my 30 remix worthy enough for my most important meeting of the year!

Once I picked the right outfit, everything else fell into place.


This combination: SD1 + T5 + S1

-- Banana Republic gray sheath dress -- Ann Taylor halter top -- Prada nude pumps--


What Was I Thinking? (#25)

The idea of this outfit seemed fine when I wore it. But looking at it now, not sure what I was thinking there? The black cami looked liked a bra strap!

I contemplated on not posting this pic but oh well... in the name of remixing accountability, here it is anyway. Please don't hate me for it. :P

-- Banana Republic pink halter dress -- Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats --

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Outfit to Remember (#24)

know this happiness will be short-lived but I'll allow myself to pause and relish this moment anyway ! I delivered what is probably the most persuasive presentation in my corporate career in this outfit. The client Director was so pleased and brought the team a box of chocolates shortly after the meeting. The long hours has paid off, I'm in career cloud 9!!

This combination: SD3 + S4
Magaschoni black sheath dress -- Stuart Weitzman pumps --

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorely Tempted (#23)

have to admit I was tempted to shop so many times during this challenge. The urge was so strong early on, but as the challenged progressed, my self-control got stronger -- sending sale alerts straight to the trash bin just became a habit, something my mouse learned to do automatically without waiting for my brain to think.

Of course it helped too that work has been so hectic and I barely had any time to open my personal email most days. But the bottomline is this: My previous 65-day streak of non-shopping was not a fluke. I'm glad to realize it's perfectly repeatable! Now, it's been 40 days and counting! I'm so proud....

-- Ann Taylor cream blazer -- Ann Taylor top -- Banana Republic brown skirt --
-- Prada nude pumps --

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cutesy as a Gradeschooler (#22)

Hubby said the oversized Peter Pan collar makes this outfit too girly and cutesy for work. But what's wrong with a collar looking like petals and my head looking like flower bud?! I am willing to experiment on anything all in the name of remixing! :P

This combination: SD2 + T1 + W1 + S4
-- Calvin Klein sheath dress -- Ann Taylor gray satin top -- Banana Republic black cardi --
Stuart Weitzman black patent pumps --

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Casual (#20, #21)

I can almost see the end of the tunnel now, 9 more outfits to go and I'm done!
Meanwhile, it's been 36 days since I last shopped!

This combination: T1 + P2 + S6
-- Ann Taylor gray satin top -- 7 for all Mankind jeans -- Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats --

This combination: T9 + P1 + S6
-- A|X tee -- A|X leggings -- Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats --

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Casual Friday (#19)

I finished work early today! And by early, I mean before midnight.
Hurray for working 14 hours instead of 16!!

This is what I wore for last week's casual Friday.

Combination: T3 + P2 + S1


-- Marc by Marc Jacobs top -- 7 for all Mankind jeans -- Prada nude pumps --

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This combination: SD1 + B1 + S5

-- Theory blazer -- Nordstrom Rack floral dress -- Gucci gray suede pumps --


Puffy eyes. I think I worked til past midnight the previous night when this was taken.

-- Banana Republic sheath dress -- Gucci gray suede pumps --

Monday, December 6, 2010

15-Minute Conversation (#16)

oday, the funniest thing happened to me at work. So we had a meeting and everybody spoke in Portuguese for a good 15 minutes. Then, as if realizing my very limited Portuguese, they all looked at me and asked, "Did you understand all that?", for which I replied, "No, you lost me at ola!" =)

On a different note, I knew I'd pull a skress look sometime in this challenge and here it is!

Skress Combination: SK2 + T10 + S4
- Armani Exchange blue dress -- Max Mara black A-line skirt -- Stuart Weitzman black patent pumps --

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I can't believe despite my crazy work, I made it halfway through the challenge!

Notes to self:
  • I love wearing sheath dresses to work, need to buy a few more after this challenge.
  • I've been wearing my Theory blazer almost every week, need to get another one!
  • Don't forget to include a basic black cardi for the next challenge.
And most importantly...
  • Think twice of joining again if I anticipate work to be hectic!!!




Saturday, December 4, 2010

100 Words (#15)

I'm becoming more and more Brazilian each day I stay here. My Portuguese vocabulary has now reached 100 words! I can say basic phrases like calling a cab, ordering food, greetings, and counting. But it is sure not enough yet to carry a longer conversation. In a few more months, maybe... =)

Combination: SK2 + T2 + S4 + W1

-- Banana Republic halter dress worn as top -- Max Mara black A-line skirt -- Banana Republic black cardi --
-- Stuart Weitzman black patent pumps --


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