Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 for 30 Round-up

You're going to see a LOT of me in this post! Rest assured I'm only doing this to document and recap the challenge and not for anything else! :P

...Fine, fine, I admit it, I'm V-A-I-N! Why else would I torture anyone with 30 pictures of me, me and me?!?! =)

roundup 2
roundup 21
roundup 22

Top 2 most worn shoes
  • Prada nude pumps
  • Gucci gray suede pumps

Top 3 most worn items of clothing
  • Max Mara Weekend A-line skirt
  • Theory black blazer
  • Ann Taylor floral halter top

My top 3 favorite outfits

And most importantly, lessons learned:
  • 30 pieces is a lot! In my case, it's even 3 too many! I had a skirt and pants I did not end up wearing and a pair of shoes I've only worn once.
  • Creativity is key. A dress can be worn as a top and a top can be worn over or underneath a dress; with pants, skirt or shorts and worn tucked, untucked or even backwards!
  • Quality goes a long, long way. Having 30 great pieces is better than 300 crappy ones.
  • I will go through my closet and will evaluate each piece using this new rule: If I can't picture myself using it for another 30x30 challenge, it's going to Goodwill!
  • I'm happy with what I have and absolutely need nothing else. But knowing me, I will completely forget about this as soon as I see something on sale. So if I have to shop anyway, I will shop for things I absolutely need!

And that wraps up this 30x30 challenge. Hope you had as much fun as I did.
Thanks to Kendi of Kendi Everyday for organizing this fun challenge!!!



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