Monday, December 20, 2010

Learn Portuguese (#30)

ome helpful tips in learning Portuguese :

  • "R" is pronounced as "H". Example: Rio de Janeiro is "Hee-yo de Janeiro"
  • "H" is silent. So, happy is "appy"
  • "L" sounds like "W". Example: Brazil is "Braziwww"
  • "T" at the end of the word is pronounced "tch". Example: Internet is "Internetch"

So, applying the rule...

I am so appy! We going ome in a few days. But before we leave Braziwww, we are going to Hee-yo first. If I'm silent for a few days, it means I don't have an internetch!

-- Ann Taylor blazer -- A|X tee -- 7 for all Mankind jeans -- Prada nude pumps --


I am also very appy that I am now finally done with the 30for30 challenge!!! Hurray!!!
Thank you all for looking and thank you Kendi for organizing this fun challenge!

My recap of lessons learned will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned! =)


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