Sunday, July 3, 2011

7 Habits

f I have to write my own version of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I would definitely add Shopping in as an imperative habit. Would probably be even in my top 1 top 3. And I don't need any study to prove it, heck I would just draw from my very own personal experience.

You see, whenever I go shopping (or about to go shopping), I always feel very productive at work because a) I know I need to pay for my shopping and; b) I get really excited to parade my new treasures to my teammates.

Even the time leading to shopping seem to make me work faster than normal so I could rush to the mall after.

Take this peplum sheath dress, which I got for 75% off at Neiman's Last Call last weekend. I knew it would be counter productive if I didn't buy it right away because I'll just be constantly thinking about it all day. So being the effective person that I am, I spared myself the agony and closed the transaction in 3 easy strokes - click, cart, checkout!
marc new york peplum

Convinced yet? Can someone please sign me up for a book deal already!??

-- Marc New York peplum sheath dress -- Romeo + Juliet Couture pink lace top -- Ferragamo Ribes --

Now excuse me as I write the Preface to my future book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Shopaholic's Edition).


  1. this is a steal!:) let's go to Neiman's :)

    by the way, register here and get free photo book :)

  2. Hi, G!

    If ever you finally decide to publish the book, I´ll be the first one to buy it. hahaha!

    As for the shopping, I used to be like that when I was working. I may come home very tired but I get to carry my loot with pride. ;)

  3. i will be next in line for a copy! it was great seeing you this weekend! ENJOY!

  4. Ladies - you're all too sweet!!! Big hugs! :D

  5. Lol cutie!! Hehe I always have to have a think when I spot something online I want to buy, no regrets and all that. Looks lovely on you x

  6. pretty dress! very nice on you :)


  7. What a classical beauty :) Like I've always saying little black dress will never become out of fashion. Looks good on you girl.

    Greets short term rental london



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