Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how to look a 5 pounds less in photos? Here's a tip: crop off one cheek. And since I'm all for extreme measures, I'm cropping off both as shown below.

-- Kay Unger pleated full skirt dress -- Mimi di N leaf belt -- Guiseppe Zanotti peep toes -

For those who seriously want to get rid a few pounds for real and for good (sans cropping tricks), join me here as I challenge myself to shed off a few pounds!

Please bear with this poor little me as I undergo a much needed maintenance because it's no fun to be in the slightly-overweight-for-your-height category.


  1. hahaha, funny that you cut your face off the photo! just call me when you need a running partner :) see you soon!

  2. @Trix - You're too nice! I'm nowhere near your stamina level yet. I'll just be running for 30 seconds, walking for 5 minutes and stopping for pictures! :D

  3. I will be joining you girls!:)

  4. Bwahahaha! Now you know why these days you can find me totally headless in my photos. ;)

  5. @Faye - we should run after our yoga!!

    @Che - clever huh? :P

  6. I'm sure you'll be back in shape in no time!



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