Monday, January 25, 2010

cali-FOOD-nia (and giveaway)

This post is long overdue. I planned on posting these pics weeks ago but work has been crazy lately. I had deadlines after deadlines and I could barely keep up. Not that I'm complaining, BUSY is good these days! But hopefully, things will settle down a bit by next week so I'd be back to my normal blogging mode!

Please be warned: this post is hunger-inducing!

Korean BBQ Village

Newport Lobster Special @ Tan Cang in San Gabriel


Lou & Mickey's at Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego



Din Tai Fung in Arcadia
the long wait (1 hr) was worth it!

...famous for their steamed juicy pork dumplings!


Fisherman's Market & Grill in Palm Springs

grilled twin lobster tail

Baja Fresh

In-N-Out Burger!!

airline food
...thank you Northwest!

Speaking of food, friends recently introduced us to the very first Filipino wine, the Novellino! It's light and fruity which is perfect for my sweet palette!
photo credit:

And speaking of wine, I'm giving away 2 wine bottle holders courtesy of! They carry a wide array of products from mailboxes, cookware, wine racks & barstools to living room, bedroom and dining room furnitures! Be sure to check them out!
Just leave me a comment here and I'll pick out 2 winners in my next post!! Entry is open to US & Canadian residents.


  1. OT: The Janet account is still open...both the paypal (click the button in the upper right corner of my blog) or through Genie purchase.

  2. Yummy! Love all of the food pics. Thanks for the giveaway--I'm a huge wine drinker :)

    Oh and that pic you sent me was so cute!!

  3. Love the wine holder, never seen like that one before!

    and love your blog too. Keep up the good work!

  4. i LOVE novellino. hahaha. pinoy na pinoy talaga noh? im not big on wine but i'd definitely drink that. oh, and the food looksfantastic. i love korean bbq!

    great post gracie!


  5. how do you stay in shape eating all these delicious food. i love korean food, i make my own version of kalbi at times. great pics of you and your hubby.

    great giveaway.

  6. Good Morning, Graaaace or should I say Miss-Alaia-Model ;)
    I have to talk to Kat ;)

    What a nice surprise to see you did a new post and thanks for your email!
    How beautiful you look dining at Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. The red color
    looks amazing to your dark hair and top.
    So many yummy food photos... I´m hungry now ... can I please order your "Baja Fresh"? And for your In-N-Out Burger: Had to smile about the "praying hands" ;) Is it your hubby and what is he thinking about ;)

    Still so cold here in Germany... far too cold ;)

    Feel very hugged, Grace!!!

  7. Mmmmm! So yummy! Good thing I just had my lunch, if not I would be craving for all of these.hehe! My friends in there(US) are talking big about the In-N-Out burger, is it really tasty? ;)

    Yey for Filipino wine! Is this red or white?

    Love your scarf dear and so is the smile.How come you can eat all of these and still stay slim? That's mind-boggling. :)

    G, as for the traveling, we're just near the South of France and Paris can be traveled by an overnight train from here and so it's quite accessible.What we need now is a lot of moolah to able to survive in France. lol! :)

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Lady I'm glad I ate before reading this because your post looks DELICIOUS! Korean, Mexican, soup dumplings...le sigh.

    Thanks for the giveaway! We could use wine bottle holders in our move!

  9. yummy darling! Look like you are a foodie person like me,lol!

  10. @Martina - yes, those are the hubby's praying hands! I caught the pic while he's giving thanks for the juicy burgers!! =)

    @Che - Novellino have both red and white! Do try it out! =)

    @Ces - I gained about 5lbs over the holidays. I'm not surprised why & how! =)

  11. oh the food looks so yummazing. now i'm hungry!


  12. Oh. My gosh. I need to have a dinner date, lunch date and breakfast date with you!
    Gah...I have no words.

  13. i'm eating in front of the PC and i think i just lost interest in my food when i saw yours...hahaha!

    and the wine bottle holder is cool...:D

    oh, and if you notice, i'm not following you..
    hope u cud follow back! :D

  14. Oh my this post is making me so super hungry! I love in-and-out burger. When I was in the states, I went there at least twice a week! :P

    ps, I'm also hosting a giveaway on my blog so come and check it out!

  15. Nagutom tuloy ako. Yum, yum food!
    I was a big fan of Novellino. I love the taste of it.

  16. How sweet of you to host this giveaway! And I am TOTALLY hungry now - even though I just ate an hour ago. One of each, please.

    I hope things slow down a bit for you - at least in enough time so that you can enjoy your weekend!

  17. Ooooh, loving all the foodie pics. Thank goodness I already had food ;-) Korean BBQ is so much fun! I had it last month and the lobster looks amazing!

    P.S. The Lanvin stamps were supposed to be launched this month, but when I went in the first week of Jan, they weren't there yet. I was planning to check out a post office next week, so I'll let you know!

  18. im in the mood for some korean bbq.. yum! :)

    oh and the wine holders are cute and moder! would like to win this! haha! ;)

    hope you are having a great weekend!

  19. Holy moley- I love the food shots!

    Can you enter me in the wine holder contest, please? :))

  20. G!

    Me again. ;) You have an award in my blog.Come and visit me when you have the time. :)

  21. Thanks for sharing Ils! We'll try Dim Tai Fung next time we go to CA. In N out never fails!

    I look forward to the wine bottle holder contest. :)



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