Sunday, January 10, 2010

Travelogue: Beautiful Solvang

Solvang is a quaint little Danish village in the Santa Ynez valley a few hours north of LA. At the end of our day trip here, all I can say is that we should have stayed longer!








-- Saks leopard print halter -- Gap black cardi -- F21 leggings -- black scarf from Paris --
-- Nine West boots
-- Prada Vit. Daino bag --




I was down with a nasty cold for a few days and unable to go to work for an entire week. What a way to start the year! Glad today, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized.
Cold begone!

Stay healthy everyone!!


  1. OOooh AND the "Soccer's Coach who shyly) slumbers on me" is FRANKLY glad to read (AND see through your utterly Radiant smile) that you are feeling better now Dear Grace . . .
    ps: This village sounds very as a typical part of Denmark on a foreign territory, without sinking in kitsch OR junk aesthetics : Surprising place !!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

  2. It looks lovely, almost as if it's from a fairy tale.

  3. Hi Grace, nice place. If I go back to LA, this is somewhere to think about going to. Maybe 2011 kc nakaplan na ang 2010. You go everywhere in a short period, I hope I can do that too.

    I love your leopards top with smocked at the bottom. I have some smocked dresses/tops.

  4. I had a nasty cold too...glad you're feeling better!

  5. hi! glad to find another pinay blogger!
    love the boots...and the leopard top -- surely topped the outfit!

    and oooh, the shoes on ur previous post are to die for...wish i can afford them!hehe.

  6. How incredibly quaint! This place looks so adorable. As do you, I might add - loving the leopard!

    Sorry you've been sick - I was out for a few days too and am finally feeling better. So many bloggers are sick right now!

    Thanks for the Dan Brown recommendation. I actually read it over the Christmas break and LOVED it! I love his work anyway but it was really fun to read about places around the corner from me! And if you ever do come to DC, you have a place to stay!

  7. Hey there Grace! Whew, glad to hear you are feeling much better. Drown the cold with lemon and ginger drink!

    Solvang is very lovely! I would love to see this place...will definitely tell the hubby.

    And you look great in that outfit!

  8. Hello, G!

    This place looks so Europe!I don't usually spend anything on New Year's day. "Pamahiin ba?" ;)I'm glad that you're okay now.Must be the sudden change of temperature, from warm LA to cold Minn.

    Love the leopard top! You look fierce in it. ;)

    Take care always!

    PS: It was quite cold(not freezing cold) in the southern part but sunny.Last night though, biglang nag-snow sa Seville which is rare and so I'm glad that we stayed there last week.haha!

  9. What a gorgeous town - totally cute!

    Sorry to hear you're sick and hope you're better soon! I was sick almost my entire time in Manila and brought some of it back to London. Bummer!

  10. You look adorable in that ensemble. Chic but practical, with the boots! The trip looks amazing. I wish I could go to Wine Country right now!

  11. Happy sweet monday, Grace!!!
    oooh, I hope so mcuh you are feeeling better!!!

    Sooo... you wore a scarf from Paris to a Danish village in the US ;)

    What an enchating place!
    What a stunning look, Miss Alaia-Model from Minneapolis.Simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!
    Everything looks so supercomfy and nevertheless stylish with your eyecatching accessoires.
    And I always love to see your smile!

    Wishing you a lovely day ahead, hopefully with looots of energy and time to relax!
    Kiss, Kiss...

  12. Happy new year, Grace! I've been sooooo busy since I returned home from Australia that I haven't had any time to visit people's blogs and reply to any comments. But now that I'm back in school and settled again, I'll be sure to drop by more often :)

    These pictures are really gorgeous. It seems your husband is getting really good at his photography skills. And you look so pretty in animal print and all black.

    And from the looks of it, you had a very merry Christmas with all your brand new pairs of shoes. I'm so envious. My shopping addiction has come to an end now that I'm a student again :(

    Anyways, I just wanted to drop by to see how you're doing. Wishing you all the best for the new year. Keep in touch.


  13. hi grace.
    it's been ages that i haven't visited you.
    akala ko you went somewhere in europe, nasa cali pala.
    it looks like a nice place. i hope this year we can visit cali.

  14. Just north of LA, really??? How charming and fun!
    And a whole week off of work? Well, maybe that's the bright side :) I hope you're feeling better!

    Great leopard halter! And I won't be jealous cause I finally found a blousy leopard tank - though I'm still on the hunt for a great cotton/knit basic tank for layering.

  15. ive been so many times im completely over it lol but your photos seriously make it look SO good, best photos ive seen. hope you feel better!! =)

  16. oh yes, i remember that village, it's fun to eat all the sweet patries!

    i have award for u on my blog;-)


  17. what a gorgeous place to your outfit hun!

  18. I have been dying to visit Solvang! Even though I've lived in California for most of my life, I've never been! It looks so quaint! I absolutely love your boots and the bit of leopard in your outfit :)

  19. What a quaint little village! The windmills remind me more of Netherlands, but I'm sure there are plenty in Denmark (I've only been to Copenhagen). And you look lovely in the leopard print! Hope you're feeling better from the cold as well. So annoying to start the New Year this way, isn't it?

    To answer your question: some stores allow photography and they are the more tolerant if you buy something ;-) It also helps if you're a regular customer or know the SA very well. In many cases though, especially in NYC, it's prohibitied, because they don't want tourists coming in and just taking photographs. The big Louis Vuitton and Chanel boutiques in Paris are like that, because they're such an insitution. In those cases, I would advise you to be very discreet and use a more portable device to take photos. It also helps if the store is quite busy in which case people won't notice what you're doing. Good luck!

  20. Thank you all for the lovely comments!



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