Monday, March 8, 2010

Dolce&Gabbana... &Yoda

Will you ever drop a grand for a skirt? For a purse, easy... but for a skirt, not a chance!! Well, unless it contains some magical powers.

This Dolce&Gabbana skirt probably contains some magical powers. It's the only plausible reason why it originally retailed for twice as much as my first rental apartment. Glad I didn't see that right away or else I would have had a retail-induced panic attack.

I first picked it up when it was already on its 2nd markdown at 60% off. Intrigued (who wouldn't be at 60% off), I tried it on and I was instantly smitten. It hugged my curves so well and the sheen bounces light very nicely (which unfortunately, I was not able to capture in this photo). It's simple, timeless, geometric and very Dolce-esque. Yes, if I'm a Tai Tai, I would definitely pay for this full price.

But Tai Tai I'm not,
So to wait, I must.
Three months, it passed.
Wishing, waiting, wondering...
Dolce&Gabbana, I now have!


Thank you, thank you. That was my Yoda-inspired shopping haiku! And now without further ado....

-- Dolce&Gabbana gray pencil skirt -- Target jacket -- Express cami --
-- Banana Republic belt and necklace -- Givenchy black booties--

PS - The uber chic Hanh of Life-in-Travel picked me in the top 20 finalist for her Fashion Blog World's Inspiration contest. I'm already so happy just being picked, but if you wanted to vote for me here, I won't stop you! Wink, wink...

May the (shopping) force be with you!


  1. I wish I have a grand to drop. =)Great skirt! I also like your necklace. I didn't know you were poetic bow. I was just reading about what you do for a living, very interesting. It must be a tough job.

  2. Happy tuesday-wishes are going so far away to Minneapolis!
    (The sweetheart here is you-thanks for you email ;)

    Fanfare... and magical power to Grace!
    Congratulations on your fabulous find! Perfect as always, Grace!!
    Love also your Givenchy treasures and the mix of black and silver!
    I´m sure you received tons of compliments!

    Wishing you GOOD LUCK for Hanh´s contest!!!
    Have a loooooovely day ahead filled with lots of sunny moments!

  3. Gorgeous skirt! Way to go getting it for a discount! Loved your Tai Tai haiku by the way ;-) I'm all too familiar with the term haivng lived in Hong Kong. It's crazy how much money these women spend (I've witnessed it myself... and might have been a teensy bit jealous ;-)

  4. Ooh love it indeed! I wonder what my next big purchase will be (probably a bag though - Chanel or Burberry)

  5. Um, wow. Seriously, wow. I can't get over how amazing you look. Favorite look ever. Wow.

  6. This skirt is every bit worth the money. It's awesome! And lovely haiku... You had me chuckling there. Congrats on being a finalist. I won't let anything come in the way of my voting for you (Wink back)...

  7. I'm right there with you on holding out till it goes on sale. Except when I go back and it's all gone. That sucks. Great score, hon!

  8. AND I have to say that I really like the way these grey tones softly decline its strong "Really made for you Corporate Mistress" vibrancy Chère Grace . . .
    ps: BUT What a smile Dear, Frankly What a KILLing smile you have (YES, "I am an awesome French guy") !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  9. WOW! You look so awesome. I love a good pencil skirt and that is one GREAT pencil skirt. The colour is lovely too, not the expected black so that's always a bonus. Again I say, because its very true, you look AH-MAZING! :)

  10. G,
    I´d love to be a tai-tai. Actually I´m almost one,hehe!Would a stay-at-home-wife and bum who loves sales shopping count? ;)The only thing is the hubby isn´t rich. Boo!

    Heynyway, you look so gorgeous in your outfit. The skirt shimmers! Now this is what I call power dressing. You´re looking like you head the company you´re working or better yet, you own it. Oooops! I hope your boss doesn´t read your blog. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    PS: Congrats on being chosen as Hanh´s one of the top 20, you deserved it. :)

  11. such a lucky find!!! :D the D&G i wore was my sister's...and i steal it every now and then..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  12. amazing style girl! an inspiration indeed.. im following u now..



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