Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Afternoon Tea at The Drake Hotel, Chicago

An afternoon tea at The Drake Hotel is a must do for anyone visiting Chicago. Visitors who did exactly just that include: Queen Elizabeth in 1958, Princess Diana in 1982, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, just to name a few.

Curious, I dragged the hubz to the northern end of Chicago's Magnificent Mile to check this out for ourselves. And we weren't disappointed.

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (0)

As soon as we got inside the hotel, we were warmly greeted by a hotel staffer who offered to take our photo and insisted that it's a crime to refuse such offer. Not wanting to be dubbed as photo criminals, we happily obliged.

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (5)

As we headed up to the hotel's Palm Court, the faint harp music was getting more and more distinct and immediately, fresh from reading the Twilight saga, I recognized, ahh Claire de Lune!

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (6)

As we were ushered to our table, I felt light years away from all of life's worries. There was something about the place that's so calming, the kind that is almost hypnotic. (That, or I was really just overwhelmed with my very first proper afternoon tea experience. :P

Soon after, food came in this lovely 3-tiered plate. We shared a selection of finger sandwiches, fruit bread slices, scones, and a variety of French pastries. They also had this tray of spreads of strawberry preserves, lemon curd and English Double Devon cream. Fancy, isn't it? :D

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (9)

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (7)

For tea, I had the tropical green tea while the hubz had the chamomile citrus. Both tasted great! Or should I say, delightful! There, that's more proper. =)

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (8)

Almost 2 hours passed, which we both hardly noticed. Maybe because of the unhurried and attentive service, or my mind was busy making a mental shopping list inspired by this afternoon's experience - Yes, I definitely need a lovely china service set, a teapot, an ornate tea strainer and antique-looking utensils if I am to host a lovely tea party at home with friends!!

After the tea service, it was back to reality. And reality meant some obligatory outfit poses for this blog...

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (1)

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (4)
-- Qi cashmere dress from Neiman's -- Mimi di N lion belt -- Banana Republic thong sandals -- LV speedy30 --

... a little shopping...

the drake hotel - afternoon tea (2)

... and a dinner of chicken sandwich from Wendy's.

Yes, after all that fancy shmancy afternoon tea, it was the humble dinner that immediately brought me back to Earth. Ah well, it was good while it lasted!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my shopping reveal!!


  1. that black dress is so nice!you look sexy on that dress,Ms.Grace!and the belt is very appealing too.

  2. love the belt. I really miss Chicago. Your pictures makes me want to go back and revisit!

  3. such a beautiful hotel. you're so lucky. someday, i'll visit Chicago, maybe next year when we visit Missouri again but I doubt it, just hoping for now.

    you look so pretty as usual. i like that belt. you and your hubz look so good together.

  4. Wow, that was a fabulous tea service! I´m wondering what those finger sandwiches are made of? ;)

    Cute belt, G! Flats are definitely comfy, no? ;) Uy, can´t wait to see what´s inside the bag. :)

  5. Oh my, I think I just dropped my jaw when I saw your dress plus the belt...you look lovely my dear!!!!

    wow...great photos as well...

    just gorgeous!

    much love

  6. Thank you all ladies for the comments!

    @Che - they had 4 of the finger sandwiches: roast beef, cucumber tomato, egg salad and salmon & asparagus in cream cheese (this was my fave!!)

  7. Gorgeous!! dress, I love the details of the belt it added something different from the little black dress....

    love the LV bag as well...

    I really miss a lot of your post :(

    take care love

  8. Your afternoon tea at Drake Hotel Chicago seems to be very royal!!! You are also looking beautiful!!!



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