Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicago Trip

We had a hotel coupon that was expiring soon so we decided to use it by taking a quick road trip to the Windy City!

It was a 6-hr drive and the 1st leg was mine so I had to dress as comfy as I can ever be.

-- Forever21 orange sundress -- Gap tie worn as a belt -- blue swimsuit --
-- Stuart Weitzman wedges --

Yes, you read it right. I wore a swimsuit underneath the dress as a safety precaution -- You know, just in case I won't be able to stand the heat and would need an emergency dive into the hotel pool, the forecast was scorching hot after all! See my skewed definition of scorching hot here.

And speaking of sensible, the wedges were NOT. I realized that quickly, 5 mins into driving.
Flats was a better option if I am to drive us safely, in 1 piece and with all limbs attached.


We had nothing planned except to see the "American Gothic" painting at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Walking along Michigan Avenue, it was such a nice bonus to see Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime filming an action sequence.

...Except we didn't.
All we saw was this and the crew frantically preparing the rest of the props.


We could have camped out in the street for a few hours to see all the action but someone was such in a rush to see another museum -- ever heard of the Institute of Shoes and Handbags?


Not just an ordinary museum, mind you! You can actually touch and buy the artworks and exhibition pieces here! In my book, that trumps any Camaro-transforming-Decepticon-fighting autobot anytime!

More Chicago adventures tomorrow.
And yes, it involves shopping, as my adventures often do!


  1. How cool that you go to see a bit of filming. Haha, when you gotta xhop, you gotta shop!

  2. Love the red look like a red goddess dear!!!

    take care love

  3. Ooooh, lucky U! I really love the bright dress...especially on U! Perfecto!

  4. Dear Grace, I Have to say that I (notably) vote FOR this chromatic harmony between your comfy / Girly Dress AND your "fetish polished toes" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine



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