Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Top, Many Ways - Part 5

To be honest, this outfit might not ever see the light of day -- it's too revealing for what I'm used to wearing. But I'll post it here anyhow. Who knows, I could eventually get some courage someday to step out of the house wearing it. And if nothing else, at least I had fun coming up with this outfit idea.

Romeo and Juliet (8)
Romeo and Juliet (5)
-- Romeo & Juliet top -- Guess skirt -- belt from Manila --
-- Alaia snakeskin peep toes --

And that ends my challenge to come up with many ways to wear this top!
I hope you had fun as much as I did!

And here they are once more...

romeo juliet brown orange top

Now, the next task is to load these outfit pix to my "StylishGirl" iphone app!
I'm so hooked with this app, it kept me wide awake until 5:30AM the first time I installed it.
I hope to find the time to review it here one of these days.


  1. great idea for the top...

    love the color as well...

    you look great darling!!!

    take care

    just updated my blog domain address it is now

    much love

  2. No, no, no! This outfit combination should see the light of day. A dinner date with hubs maybe? ;) It´s fun, little bit flirty but definitely sexy!

    And yes, Princess Letizia is so thin, even the Spanish press have commented on that. I liked her better too when she had a little meat on her.

  3. favorite ko yong with skirt and shorts!the top is soooo nice.bagay sa lahat. :)



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