Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Top, Many Ways - Part 2

Here's another outfit idea from yesterday's challenge. It's another summer casual attire but this time, pairing it with cropped jeans and peep toes. I'm even thinking, if I trade the heels for thong sandals, it'll be even more casual and I could wear it running errands. Or, if I wear comfy flats and a shawl or wrap, I could wear this for travel -- on a cruise perhaps to the Caribbean? Wish. Well, at least I'll have a decent travel outfit for when it happens! =)

Romeo and Juliet (6)

Close-up pic of my puka shell necklace from Boracay, Philippines.
Romeo and Juliet (9)
Romeo and Juliet (10)
-- Romeo & Juliet top -- JBrand cropped jeans -- puka shell necklace from the Phils --
-- Prada peep toes in coral --

The challenge continues. Please stop by to see more outfit ideas tomorrow...


  1. cute outfit

  2. This outfit is so ME but with flats.lol!:) Cute look, G! Are you guys planning on a cruise somewhere? ;)

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies!

    @Che - no cruise plans, I wish there is though. =)



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