Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birkin Scare

Friends, this is how to effectively lobby for a shopping budget...

Me: Hon, can I buy a new bag?
Hubz: Sure.
Me: I want a Birkin.
Hubz: I thought you want a bag?
Me: Birkin is an Hermes bag!

Hubz: How much is it? $1,000?
Me: Maybe for the key chain.
Hubz: HuWhat?!?! $4,000??
Me: No....
Hubz: $10,000??
Me: Hmmm, yeh... I think I could get a decent one for $10,000.

Looking at me with a penetrating look as if I just committed a deadly sin...

Hubz: Can you just get a Prada instead?
Me: Ahihihi, I just did!

Hubz looking so relieved!!

...Am I sly or what?!?!! ;p

* * *

prada vit daino
-- NOT a Birkin: Prada Vit. Daino in deep red (it looks too red here but it's actually almost burgundy)---

And because I did him a favor for not buying a horrendously expensive bag, I got away with two new pairs of shoes as well!

louboutin picador slingbacks
-- Louboutin Picador slingbacks ---

gucci suede
-- Gucci suede pumps ---

I even think if I really push my luck harder, I could still get one more purse! Please help me decide:

Purse Survey
Balenciaga Giant Brief
Chloe Paraty
YSL Muse
Lady Dior
SAVE it and buy an ounce of gold instead! free polls

PS - I know I have been away for too long and I still cannot exactly figure out what happened to me but I was so close to shutting this blog down. It just seemed that blogging lost all its fun all of a sudden. Everything felt like a chore: posing, posting, commenting. I guess I just needed a healthy doze of vitaMinn S (S for shopping!) to keep me going again.

Who knows when I'm going to have another of this random bouts of blogging indifference . Maybe once or twice more before winter is over. But for now, I'm back! =)

Thank you so much dear Martina for all the encouragement!!


  1. Oh, these are all so gorgeous.

    What a smart tactic!!

  2. Hey there,

    Great post, haha! :-)

    P.S.: Don't forget to enter the Ellington headband giveaway!♥


  3. The suede shoes! Gorgeous. Feel free to airmail them to me anytime. ;)

    PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up!

  4. Mmmh Dear Grace, Actually the "self-proclaimed Soccer's Coach who gladly slumbers on me" thinks that it can be very useful to (strategically) take a cyber break . . . in order to better take the "Fashion offensive" !!!
    ps: These Louboutin Slingbacks Truly seem made for your feet, Mmmh AND a picture of you wearing it with your KILLing smile certainly would have sublimated these "Fetish Fineries" !!!
    Hope you're Well .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. Aaaawwwh, I read my name in your post! ;))
    You are always so sweet and charming Grace *** bluuuush*******
    Don´t know what to say... i will fly to Minneapolis and give you a BIG HUG and then I´m flying back home ;)

    You have the most gorgeous packages under your christmas tree, Grace.
    Grace, the Alaia-model, Grace, the SW model... you have such an awesome shoe collection and your newest treasures are second to none! LOVE your Louboutin´s... and the red sole goes perfect with your newest Prada treasure!!!
    Had to smile about your little conversation! Your husband rocks ;)... he has the vision that a bag "could" cost even more than $100 ;)))... and not to forget his counteroffer of buying Prada... I think this was very cute ;)

  6. ......ooooh slick trick! I like that! I will definently test that out on my husband this Christmas - lol! Congrats on your purchases!

  7. You are too funny and SMART! A Prada bag AND 2 pairs of shoes? Genius!

    Yeah it can be hard to keep up with blogging. But glad you got your blogging mojo back.

  8. Hey Grace! Yeah, I feel you, sister...I was going through the exact same thing with my blog. I was hit with "fashion fatigue," as I call it.

    I have to give your hubby credit for being so open-minded. I don't see a Birkin in my near future unless we win the lotto, lol.

  9. ahahhaha! i love it!!!!! you really know how to get away with it ;)

  10. Wow. If only my bf was like that. I would ask for a purse...actually anything, he would say NO... but yours instead of a yes to birkin, its a 'can't you get a prada'... wow. Love your blog =)

    - xxlivelovelaugh

  11. i won't call the conversation reverse psychology but that's a great technique, and it works, at least for you and your hubby. the shoes and the red Prada are all gorgeous. i look forward to see you wearing them.

  12. great the heels

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  13. Yay, you're back! Geez I thought you're not gonna wake up from your blogging hibernation stage. I guess the fab purchases gave you that jolt, G!

    Love the color of your Prada, matches well with the sling back Louboutin. Lucky you for having a hubby who understands fashion. ;) Mine doesn't care and believes in saving them all for the rainy days. Unless I win in the Lotto, I can buy everything I want. ;)

    Have a lovely day ahead!

    PS: No, I didn't have those boots buffed. I bought them like that.

  14. Hi Grace,

    It's so good to hear from you again. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. But I can understand how you feel about blogging. It can definitely feel like a chore from time to time. But just know that you're loved here and there's a lot of people who enjoy reading your blog. We would all miss you if you shut down your blog. And hopefully you don't lose interest again any time soon.

    I'm so jealous of you new pieces... Prada, Louboutin, AND Gucci !!! This is simply too amazing. The red Prada purse is beautiful. I love the red. It's so rich and bold. And I've always wanted a pair of Louboutin. Maybe in the future when I'm no longer a student and actually have money for nice things.

    It's been a long and painfully boring week for me. I've been trying to kill time before I leave tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm glad I'll get to see more of Australia before I leave. I'm bored of Gold Coast. There's nothing left to see and do so I'm ready to move on. And I leave for home shortly after my trip so these next two weeks will go by fast.

    Thanks for stopping by Grace and leaving the comment. It's always nice to hear from you.

    I'll be sure to check in with you after my trip. Have a good weekend :)


  15. ** blush*** blush
    I can´t sleep tonight after I read your sweet comment ;)

    I`m so happy to hear your newest treasure is already on the way to you!!!
    Is there still a free place under the christmas tree ;)
    If a christmas tree can smile and say something your christmas tree would smile a lot and would be the most fashionable christmas tree in the world ;)


  16. Ahh, very clever way of getting gifts... I really need to try that ;-) Love your new purse and your shoe additions. Oh, and I'd go for the Balenciaga, but I'm just very biased.

    P.S. I'm going through the exact same blog indifference phase at the moment. I think it's the combination of the holiday season taking my time and just not feeling like spending every free moment online. I hope it will pass by the end of the month! My priorities at the moment are the numerous sample sales I'm going to ;-)

  17. hi grace!

    how have you been? i hate this cold weather we've been experiencing lately. and the only thing keeping us warm (aside from our husbands, hehe) is the excitement of new purchases :). your prada bag is so beautiful! the color is perfect for the holidays. with the louboutin's sole to match!

    hope you are having a great week!


  18. oh no! don't goo. i was wondering what had happened to you. it's understandable though, the blogging dry spells. it is a lot of work, but kind of almost in the same way that a daily journal would be. hope you are well!

  19. Thank you all for the lovely comments! =)

  20. I've missed you! I get that feeling every so often too - more often than not, LOL but I love *visiting* my friends, I think that's what keeps me doing it.

    Love your new goodies! You are too funny. I can't get away with Hermes right now either, hubs has said he'd get me one when I'm "old"...gee, when would that be?



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